New "use-cases" subcategory to replace DAO Use Cases forum category

Based on some feedback and in the interest of keeping the number of categories at a manageable level I have moved all threads that were in the DAO Use Cases category to the Product category and added a “use-cases” tag that we can use to coordinate around use case discussions going forward. If use-case discussions end up overwhelming the product-development focused discussions in the Product category then we can either make use-cases its own sub-category or break it out into its own top-level category again. Thanks all who gave feedback and started interesting discussions about DAO use cases! Rock on!

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Update: I am playing around with the “subcategory” feature of Discourse to create subforums.

The first two I have created are a “Use Cases” subcategory and “Troubleshooting” subcategory in the Product category of the forum. I noticed there are several threads that fall into these subcategories and this will help people more easily find threads on those topics if they are interested in them.

There’s a bit of overlap in how we use tags vs subcategories (which I’m still trying to figure out) but right now it seems that the subcategories are most useful for topics that should have more visibility.

Let me know what you think if you have any feedback about this!