New organization with physical production goals

I want to create a organization that works more or less like a stock company as a long term goal and develops/produces a physical and complex technical product. Physical means it is not a product which is mainly software. The idea ist to found it in a way that it can start with less money and give it the ability to grow with members wherever they are, that invest their work to get their shares. So I hope I`m right that this development work is the minting here. The relation betreen shares for work on the product and shares for those who give money must be governed, but probably in a second phase when more money is needed. Most of the members may be like me having interest on such a product to build but have jobs which pay the rent in the first phase. Probably it ends with a thing that is just a product inside a small community and we all see it as a hobby, but probably it becomes bigger. If all ends best the shares have a high value and a lot of people can live from their work there, bcause it pays like a dividend.
To maintain this possibility for growth it is necessary to have patents and other intellectual property on some core features, while other parts may be free to copy. I think this is necessary whith such a goal.
I hope that I find the right knowledge here, so here are my few questions:

  1. What is the right template to found such a DAO?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages between the etherum based and xDai/ IDchain based type?
  3. How can it be managed to have disclosure areas for discussing intellectual property issues? Ist hat foreseen? Any experience on that and how to manage? The intellectual property by law must be organized, inventors have to be mentioned. It is also important to govern the relation between inventors an the DAO.
  4. Am I right that one benefit of the members will be that their shares become more valuable if the organisation have success? I have some understanding issues maybe but in my thought each member who mints (that mean develops/ do work for the DAO) receives shares that is like a special cryptocurrency for this DAO, working like a stock?
  5. Any experience/example on a DAO which is intended to make a physical product?

It would be great to get some help, because this is all new for me. By now I have no crypto wallet and no coins so I´m open to take the best option for this usage. A DAO seems to be a great thing for inventors to make a real innovation out of it. I hope I´m right.

Thanks in advance, regards from Germany