New "Global" category for non-English language discussions

After noticing a great conversation in Spanish happening in this thread I thought about creating a category in the forum where more discussions in other languages could happen. After a nudge from another community member I have gone ahead and done this here in the Global category.

The first language-specific subcategory is Español which can be used for any Aragon-related discussions in Spanish. If anyone who knows how to read/write in Spanish would like to volunteer to moderate this subcategory please let me know and I’ll DM to discuss what this entails (not much work, hopefully!) :slight_smile:

Here’s the rest of the description of the Global category from the pinned About thread:

If your preferred language has its own subcategory in this category, please post there. If your preferred language does not have its own subcategory yet, you can post in this Global category and/or request that your language be given its own subcategory and a forum moderator will respond soon.

Feliz lectura y escritura!


Very good! :blush:

Thank you!

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