New Council DAO for Aragon Court v2


AGP-126 elected a temporary DAO to manage Aragon Court v1, prior to the release of the Aragon Network DAO. Since then, a new Aragon Court has been deployed (Aragon Court v2), which is compatible with Aragon Govern, and $ANT has replaced $ANJ as the token that Aragon Court Guardians must stake to be eligible for selection.


Given that Court v2 has been deployed, we would like to enable $ANT holders as well as Court v1 Council DAO members to signal their interest in becoming members of an interim Council DAO that will control Aragon Court v2 prior to the Aragon Network DAO release.

Should you be interested in becoming a member of the interim Council, please add your $ETH address below, together with a short description on why you would like to be considered for the position. For security reasons, Aragon moderators reserve the right to remove submissions that they deem not to be appropriate. The deadline for submissions is Friday 23rd July at 5pm UTC.

Shortly after the submissions deadline, a proposal will be created on Aragon Voice for $ANT holders to vote on the new Council members. The 5 applicants with the most votes will be appointed to the interim Council.

At the conclusion of the vote, an Aragon DAO for this interim Council will be created using the membership template with the following voting settings:

  • Support: 50%
  • Minimum approval: 50%
  • Duration: 1 week

Finally, the interim Council will be dissolved soon after the Aragon Network DAO has been launched, and full control of the Aragon Network DAO will be transferred to $ANT holders.



As the current Head of Decentralised Governance at the Aragon Association, I, Daniel Ospina, have high context on the Aragon Network, subject-relevant expertise through a career as an organisation and social system designer, and a vested interest in achieving an exemplary decentralisation process through having staked my professional credibility in this endeavour.

I’ll aim to keep the committee aligned with the best interests of the community and society.


I would be interested in taking part in the new interim council.

As the product leader for Aragon is in my best interest to make sure the best decisions are taken when it comes to managing and configuring the new Aragon Court. Is part of my day-to-day to make sure the product is good, safe, and evolves in the right direction, so I feel is natural that I can as well be part of the temporary council to make sure proposals move forward and are aligned with Aragon interests.

My $ETH address is 0x6a63305241C5D5122c27377401Daf42E371A8D63


I would be interested in being part of the interim council.

I am currently the Head of Transparency for the Aragon Project. To make sure the whole Aragon community is kept informed about all Aragon Court developments and decisions, which is a vital project, I would like to join the council. Additionally, as I have an overview of the entire Aragon project, I can guide the court in the right direction until it is transferred to the Network DAO.

My ETH address is 0x580e5E54055d087D7F012dD43e54cceaE9ce4265


I would be interested in being part of the interim council.

As the Senior UX Designer for Aragon, it’s in my best interest to make sure the decision for the new Aragon Court is made well. I make sure that Aragon’s applications are user-centered and designed with the community in mind in my daily work. In this sense, I am convinced that I am a suitable candidate, and I would like to commit myself to this.

My address → 0x1a2D0961BABDf082EcD395910B2af75c7D8174d2



I would like to become part of committee and represent an independent member from community. I have been following the Aragon project for almost 3 years, have created several DAOs for personal use, participated in the Court v1 pre-activation launch process as a founding juror. I often share my knowledge on Aragon support discord channels and I was even invited to join the Aragon Ambassadors Program. So I am really care about the successful transit of the Aragon Court to a fully decentralized and community-run institution.


Hi @jordipainan here! I would like to be part of the interim council.

I am working at Aragon Labs and I’ve been building Vocdoni since 2019.
I’ve also been following Aragon since the beginning and I am totally aligned with the values of the Aragon manifesto, also I’m a skin in the game guy.
Is in my best interest to take conscious, informed and positive decisions for the AN DAO and Aragon ecosystem.
My idea is to involve the Aragon Labs team on all the things related to the interim council and all the actions I’ll make are going to express the opinion of all Aragon Labs members, so I am planning to act as the middlemen between the interim council and the Aragon Labs team.

Hope you like the idea!

Lots of love for all <3

My ETH address is 0x6fD6159ffdCc7A6b2263462872Aa6476f7FCa796



Just realized the deadline just passed, but in case it’s still possible, here goes my candidature for being a member of the interim Council.

As a COO and Board Member of Aragon Labs, I have a clear picture on the operational side of the project. It is in my best interest to help Aragon move forward with its decentralization efforts and make sure that all the actions that are undertaken by the interim Council are faithful to the the Aragon’s Manifesto and vision.

My ETH address is 0xdFDdC941204dd7F423750C466e8cc6Daf5c48D81


Aragon Court is crucial Web3 infrastructure for the resolution of subjective disputes. It is currently the final arbiter to balance the executive and legislative functions of the Aragon DAO stack. It might also be instrumental in galvanising the new realm of DAOs as a credible jurisdiction and germinating a new professional class of DAO members. Yet, the space is moving very fast and everything could change tomorrow. In guiding Aragon Court to its AN DAO handover, the Interim Council will have to balance these factors with user experience and scalability, while upholding the principles of freedom and decentralization. As Senior Content Writer at Aragon, I have a good grasp of all of these factors and their relative importance as well as some legal training so would be delighted to contribute as a Council member. My details and $ETH address follow:



Voting is now open in Aragon Voice - the ultimate solution for creating and managing proposals and voting in a decentralized, cost-effective, and secure manner


Interim Council DAO is now live - Aragon