New and Improved Aragon Governance Proposal! AGP-v2

As promised here is the proposed updated Aragon Governance Proposal v2 (AGP-v2).

Aragon Voice and some new products that will be in V2 soon including Govern and Court are included in this process.

We have attached a live google doc here: External - Aragon Governance Proposal - 12/05 - Google Docs

Please provide any feedback you have on the document (as a comment) on any sections or points you would like to see changed. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

As a high-level summary here is the process that we propose following:

Stage I: Sentiment Check Poll (using Aragon Voice)
Stage II: Draft Proposal & Strategy Committee Review
Stage III: Consensus Check (using Aragon Voice)
Stage IV: Final Improvement Proposal (Using Aragon Govern)

We would like to receive community feedback on this document. It builds on governance proposals from a workflow standpoint, like Uniswap, and incorporates new Aragon products, like Voice.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!