Nest Analysis and Strategy

Nest Analysis & Strategy

We are happy to announce that our Nest Analysis & Strategy report is now ready!

We started by gathering data on the Nest program; going through every open Issue and PR in the Nest GitHub repository line by line and aggregating that data into a spreadsheet. We then performed analysis on that data to better understand the history, trends, and future outlook of the Nest program. Based on that data, we provide strategic recommendations to improve the Nest program’s returns on investment.

This report does not have an opinion as to how the Nest program fits into the overall strategic vision of Aragon. That discussion would require further data and analysis. What this report does provide is an analysis of the Nest program as is and suggestions for improvement within the current budget and framework of the program.

We hope that this report provides insights for the Aragon community. Our goal is to understand where we’re at on the map and how we might move forward together towards our shared goal of making Aragon a sustainable and unstoppable force in the world. All feedback and suggestions for improvement are welcome :slight_smile:

The entirety of our findings can be found here:

The slide deck goes over the Nest Analysis & Strategy report at a high level. In the notes section of each slide is a link to the corresponding section of the report. There you can find more details on our analysis and actionable next steps to realize the improvements suggested.

If you would like to learn more, we will be presenting our findings at the nest Nest Working Group meeting this Thursday October 17th, at 5pm CEST. Details on the upcoming call and a link to join will be posted in the NestWG channel on the Aragon chat.