Moving services to Avalanche Network - metaDAO

MetaDAO is DAO-of-DAO’s

A story to begin with:

Someone far in the universe rubbed a genie lamp, the genie arrived and said “I can grant you three wishes”.

Now, that someone is a stubborn person for some reason, some people are that way, we cannot change that.

Someone responded, “I would like to have more than three wishes, maybe I am greedy, perhaps make 100 wishes, I want this and I want that”.

Genie smiled back and said “I am sorry, I cannot grant you these meta-wishes”

Someone got puzzled and asked what these meta-wishes are?

Genie explained, “To be able to grant his 100 wishes , Genie has to rub a meta-lamp and he has to have the consent from the meta-genie and this process could repeat and go on till 100th meta-genie who would eventually grant his 100 wishes”,

Someone is more puzzled now “Looking at Someone face, Genie quickly responded, Look your wish is to suspend all types of wish and grant you this specific wish which tends to be infinite” and “If infinite is reached then you have your wish granted” Genie ended by adding “That it will never happen since there is no end for this”

Someone asked “This could take perhaps some time”

Genie said “No, It will take just a moment”

The above story outlines a premise where a system is an infinite regress, this system works with the support of higher level and low levels. This does not mean that DAO’s are stacked above or below, Meta-DAO’s implying the chain of DAO’s linked together. Any typeless action will travel in the whole chain of DAO’s with incredible speed, which will lead the system to infinity but it can never be reached for there is no end. Whenever a meta-DAO made an action/proposal or state change then the meta-DAO actions would take only half the time taken by the previous DAO to realise the state change or the action. This way a single DAO and its action or state’s could be made to somehow touch infinity without ever reaching the end of the chain. The system would be able to cover typeless actions and states possibly cover other variations of cases.


We are a team known as metaDAO that has successfully migrated services on Avalanche FUJI Network right now.

We are waiting for the PR to be merged so that we can see the Fuji network on the client version 1. Now once that is done we will migrate the service on Mainnet.


Muellners Foundation Denmark , Ava Labs

Bringing an ecosystem to DAO’s

We would like to deploy other services such as court , govern and voice also on the avalanche post this.


We would like to get funded through a DAO that will be obviously based on Aragon Avalanche network.

We are looking to have validation and support from the core team and as well as external partners and team.

What exactly is our vision?

To understand this better we have outlined the objectives.


MetaDAO objectives is to build

  1. Support natural and legal bylaws by implementing a service that can implement automated legal framework on a protocol alongside the templates that can be deployed by end users. (Means custom templates)
  2. Develop automated function to dispute resolution using MetaAI bots (AI use cases)
  3. Developing multi-protocol function that allow integrated working of DAO and inherit rules and observation for the MetaAI and execute them bi-directional
  4. Onboard orgs with custom templates
  5. Connect these orgnisation
  6. Observe the dynamics between them
  7. Learn and experiment

For the above experiment to be running we lay these definitions;



What is metaWrapper?

Real world legal encoding that is working on top of a DAO.

One real example is to have the real company ownership proof and existence of the company over the DAO. The current bylaws in the real world , like establishing a company in any geographical land, have to happen through the code that is usually noted as sections.

These sections in any case have to be coded over the system via a defined domain space, these domain spaces are like what nature of business and where is it and based on that one can find out other details through the trusted oracles.

Building a parser that extract values from a legal contract, evidence and proofs and thus creating a template that can be reused and repurposed.


mAI, is the backbone for automated function checks and routing of the existing states, these states are the actions that are getting recorded and once observed and what ever actions are requested on behalf of the entity who is responsible for, that will direct them appropriately.

When in the case of a conflict arising over the court , the metaWrapper would be inherited and would provide the bot to decide which direction to lead the vote.

Training the bot to sign transactions, send votes and clean up.


This is equivalent to the thermodynamic approach of quenched probability and state of the system externally observed.

The mProtocol are generally going to be multi-protocol since they follow all protocol rules and exhibit the overall state of any given universe of DAO’s that we look at.

This function is going to be crucial , because this will work alongside the above two functions.

Creating a bridge that enables to connect two different DAO’s


The above units are going to get tested with real world use cases. metaDAO represent the idea of connected DAO’s as with use of infinite hierarchical system , all DAO’s are linked in chains.

This is an ongoing work that we would like to dwell in. Feedbacks appreciated

Current Status

There are several PR’s pending that needs to be merged from Aragon team , once that has been done and after several rounds of testing , we can move forward with mainnet deployment.



Beautiful man. :rocket::rocket::rocket:

Hi guys, just to clarify -as this does not appear to be a proposal or request for funding - Are you simply posting for visibility and community awareness of your project?

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I have updated the parts of the post , Yeah we are slowly going there !

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I like the concept and I think it is really worth to discuss it more here, but, seconding @lee0007, it is not clear to me still what is the request for the Main DAO (meaning, aside from support of the core team, is there anything else you expect)?

Maybe would be nice to have an example of a real world use case (telling a small story of something that will be possible).

Regarding the PRs, core team should be looking at it next week :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hear more about it



For the response , the above is for the community awareness of the project that is going on. We are looking for partnership and as well as funding support , but for that we will build another Proposal that will clearly outline the work.

We would like to quickly build our DAO on the Ava Network powered by Aragon.

Yeah , we will be presenting a real world use case with the Financial proposal!

We would like to have the team provide some perspective for the above if it makes sense.



@ramon @lee0007 Thanks for your feedback! Meta DaO is an incubated team by Muellners Foundation, Denmark.

  1. The Foundation is a global think tank of members from financial services and advanced technology space. Foundation has also successfully created some of the DaO committees.

  2. Together with Ava Labs team, we have been assessing Aragon’s DaO products for a better governance model of open source communities in our ecosystem.

We are a global community and members are based all across the world. The members & leadership of the Foundation’s DaO committees are also successful CXOs of traditional banks & BFSI companies. Members are also artists, researchers, & students, who collaborate on multiple open source licensed projects. Members are also contributors to different open source financial technology projects via Foundation’s sponsored dev program.

Foundation has a Serenity partner program where fintech case studies are our strategic partners.
We are looking to overhaul the Serenity program via a technical implementation of a Subnet Alliance. These efforts are being led by senior member @saransh from India.

Meta DaO team has successfully tested Aragon projects, recently submitted few PRs for reviews. We now have 100% conviction that we want to bridge the Aragon products to our ecosystem. We want to reduce what we produce as an IP, out of this implementation with an appropriate OSS license.
This is also relevant to Serenity partner network’s data processing flow.
To begin with, we would like to request support from your core team.
Foundation’s Board can also pledge funds, equivalent to or matching a grant amount that Aragon Association can provide, for which we are happy to submit proposal within your guidelines.(Some members are working on this.) Thanks hope this message helps in moving this thread forward.

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Sorry for the slow reply here @Ankit-muellner This seems like an excellent opportunity to collaborate. I will ensure to get you information on the grants funding process within the next 72 hours. Is there other specific information you require?

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Thanks @lee0007 @saransh @Devilla let’s work together towards the future of governance.

A complimenting relationship b/W Aragon Association, Switzerland with Muellners Foundation, Denmark could be a stepping stone, in line with this policy foresight published by EU.

We are confident that we can take this to India also with our strong commitment towards India’s fintech ecosystem.

Our team has been deploying PoCs using Avalanche services consistently throughout this year, including the fork of their wallet.

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@Ankit-muellner @saransh @Devilla this proposal is a very good example of a funding request proposal in terms of format, required elements and compliance Financial Proposal: Aragon Court deployment on Arbitrum

I thought of providing the base template but hope a current, supported proposal might be more helpful. The other best reference point is the Aragon Network Charter

Hey @lee0007, just wanted to point out that this is the latest version of the charter is this one:

The version currently in force is always found in the settings of the Govern DAO named an_main_dao

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