More Equal Animals a blog by Daniel Larimer

“if we could design a game that tests for skills that highly correlate with good governance then that could be a more suitable proxy than the party-politics game we play today.”
“If the purpose of government is to enable a group of people to reach consensus, then it should be lead by someone skilled in the art of consensus building. The most skilled consensus builder is the one who can get unanimous consent of the population, the least skilled is the one who divides the population into waring factions.”

“Instead of looking at any one chain for signs of decentralization we should be looking for freedom of movement between chains as the true source of our individual freedom. It is up to each individual to decentralize their political and economic risks. True decentralization starts with the individual.”

"In this book we will explore new democratic processes designed to encourage consensus building rather than division into political factions. "
"Political consensus is the process by which people reach agreement about the nature and structure of government. "