Mock Up Aragon App

I made a mock up of an Aragon App. It’s just for funzies but after @Mouyou brought up some ideas on logging in with a metamask account

Anyways, just putting these out there. I think having an app that could tie all the products / services / and features from Aragon all in one place would be awesome!

Top Left:
Home Screen
The calendar could help keep track of ongoing/upcoming votes, other events. The top middle tiles could link all Aragon services/products.

Top Right
Navigation Bar
This could also serve to keep track of positions held by the verified wallet, and keep track across multiple DAOs within Aragon. As well as profile information, stats, badges, link to discord and an easy report a bug button.

Bottom Left
Aragon Forum
This could scroll through the categories from the forum. It could be show new posts under those categories since last visit.

Bottom Right
Direct messages, chat…


the aragon team said that they are planning a full aragon experience but they haven’t shared any inside. I would really like if the aragon team engages more the community in this process. It feels so closed.

I like the discord like feel. I also think the aragon app should be like discord where the servers are the daos and the categories are the Aragon apps (calender for daos etc.) and the channels are mini apps within the apps. For me your design feels a bit messy. I like the clean discord design but in the aragon colours.

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I think the home screen should be the user profile like your facebook profile with all the updates to everything you are participating in (daos, roles, events, etc.)

the app should be for every dao user more like a social network profile in my mind, where a dao user can find all relevant information about any dao s/he is participating in. similar to discord where you have servers (daos) and similar to facebook where you have a news feed

also a very nice inspiration Boardroom Management Portal

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I was thinking about something like this:


Really great inputs @Mouyou and @Sonny

They are quite aligned to what we have in mind - Bringing a more unified experience that allows people to easily explore the DAOs they participate in, and especially allowing people to focus on what matters the most for them (individually).

We are in the early days of exploration now (so we don’t have designs to share), but we have been constantly summoning the community to participate in interviews. Please let me (or @Drea) know if you want to participate as well.

Also, it is important that we don’t jump directly into solutions (designs to be implemented), but first validate hypotheses on what are the problems we are trying to solve. For example, in the designs you created, what is the main problem (or problems) you are trying to fix? Is it about access to all DAOs? Is it about events? Would love to hear more about this.


Facebook/Discord/Slack for DAO users

Its a lot i know but the idea is to create a social network for daos and dao users. It could start with only a few functions. Step by step you can advanced this open source social network.

  • Newsfeed
    I as a user of daos want to have on place where i can go do get every updated and news regarding this dao. i don’t want to go to twitter and then to discord and after that perhaps on court.aragon and then check out voice.aragon to see what is going on.
  • Track record (Dao Guardian)
    i want to see my task in the dao and how much i contributed to which dao. I want to see which roles are open and how to apply. I want to delegate my votes to users with a good track record.
  • Events
    I want to see all the event from all the daos i am participating in. I want to see what is going on.
  • DAO discovery
    I want to discover daos see what other daos are doing and to follow dao
  • Messages
    I want to be able to create a DAO and message other daos through the dao so all members can see the communication. I also want to message individuals all within one interface.

Would be great if you could share a bit more


Most likely we will have some stuff to share next week :slight_smile:


Hey @ramon, I’m learning to be a UI/UX dev, and a lot of material talks about running “design sprints.” I was wondering a few things…

  1. Is this is something the Aragon team does?
  2. is this something that could possibly be run along with hackathons?
  3. Is there plans in the future to run these with possibly, Ambassadors or within the community?

Yes to all your questions :slight_smile:

We’ve run an initial design sprint a month and a half ago to kickstart the new project. Idea moving forward is to structure how we do user research and opportunity discovery, and get Ambassadors and community involved into it.

We hope to define the process during this quarter, so we start this as a community effort on Q1

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