Migrate a DAO to the xDai chain. Create step-by-step tutorial

Migrate a DAO to the xDai chain. Create step-by-step tutorial.

Proposal Information

Proposal description:

  • Problem: Interacting with an Aragon DAO is currently very expensive due to high ETH gas prices. As an example, just casting a vote would cost around $40. Resulting perhaps in hundreds of dollars per vote if several token holders participate.

  • Solution: We want to be able to interact with our DAO frequently without having to worry about high transaction fees. Therefore, we propose to create a tutorial describing the steps required for moving an Aragon DAO from the Ethereum mainnet to the xDai chain. We will use our own DAO as a guinea pig, and document the steps in a tutorial for the community to benefit.

Proposal Rationale

  • Many projects have stopped using their DAOs the way they were originally intended. For example, assigning DAO tokens to community contributors on a regular basis is simply too expensive if done frequently. The same goes for deposits/withdrawals that require voting. So we need a solution.

  • We will follow @gabi’s and @burrrata’s advice, and explore ways to move our DAO activity from the Ethereum mainnet to the xDai blockchain. This process consists of several steps, so it would benefit the Aragon community to have them documented somewhere.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):

Duration: 1 month.


  • Update our website’s integration with Aragon Connect to work with xDai.
  • Document how to setup wallets to use xDai rather than mainnet.
  • Document how to create a new DAO on the xDai chain.
  • Document how to transfer funds between the two chains.
  • Write blog post (e.g. Medium) outlining the whole process, and share in social media.
  • Consider ways to integrate the tutorial into the Aragon wiki.

Team Information

  1. Jo Grimstad, Software architect, GitHub
  2. Gema Sánchez, Android engineer, Twitter, GitHub
  3. Frode Bang, Node.js developer, Twitter, GitHub

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:

We have been using our Aragon DAO for a few months already: https://client.aragon.org/#/elimuai. And we have integrated our website with Aragon Connect.

Funding Information

Proposal URL: https://conviction.aragon.org/#/proposal/18


This will be of great help

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Yes, I too was put off on aragon as a DAO option with such high transactions cost. It cost almost US$3 to just create a vote and about $1.50 to cast a vote. That’s simply unsustainable and will scare a lot of people, such as myself, away from the possibility.

Frankly, i thought i was missing something with these crazy high transaction costs.

Short video that I put together.

I really like this conviction voting proposal.

xDAI is pretty awesome.