Meta transactions for interacting with Aragon DAOs

Bringing meta transactions to DAOs would dramatically increase the UX for the Aragon client. It totally makes sense for some organizations to pay tx fees for their members. I haven’t done a lot of research Into the subject yet so I don’t know how technically challenging it would be to introduce this for the ecosystem. But it seems like something we eventually need to do.

A few questions on the subject

  • Are any flock teams doing research into meta transactions?
  • Is anyone working on meta transactions?
  • From a technical perspective, how difficult would it be to introduce?
  • What are the tradeoffs of having a relayer DAO vs a relayer application?

I’ve submitted an issue to the Autark feature request repo. I’d love to hear some feedback from flock members :heart:

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Support for meta transactions are coming to aragonOS 5. Organizations will be able to set “budgets” on what (and how much) can be subsidized.

The L2 relaying aspect has yet to be discussed in great detail.


:partyparrot: is there a rough timeline for aragonOS 5?


Will likely be released in apps as part of Aragon 0.9 (no set time yet).

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