Meta: Separation of Signalling and Voting #51

AGPs are a wonderful tool to give the community a voice and guide Aragon’s decision making. Before submitting proposals for concrete decision making, there is often a need to gather signals from the community. This can happen in the forum, but in a heated and long term debates it’s often impractical to measure sentiment without getting overwhelmed. The Aragon community realizes this and has created an awesome signalling app.

I propose that the signalling app be updated so that it is fully functional and can included in the AGP-1 doc as part of Stage 2: preproposal. This would require all AGPs to use the signalling app to gather sentiment from the community along with current methods of forum posts and AMAs before drafting a proposal. This metric can then be taken into consideration by the AGP Editors during Stage 3: Draft.

Please share thoughts on this and/or what needs to happen from a technical perspective to make it possible. Once a more concrete plan is in place, a submission as a Meta AGP seems appropriate. Thanks :slight_smile:

note: this is also posted on the AGP GitHub here

Edit: It’s also important to think about what metrics the signalling app signals. If people ask stupid questions they’ll get stupid signals. It seems wise to include a few global metrics for all Stage 2 signalling votes:

  • is the language clear and unambiguous?
  • is there a clear conflict of interest between the proposal and Aragon’s values as outlined in the manifesto?
  • does this proposal add value and functionality to Aragon’s products or token?
  • etc…

Proposal writers could also add additional questions specific to their proposal if they felt so inspired.