Meta: Aragon Voting Gauntlet

Decisions are everything. Our lives are determined not by how many steps we stake, or how diligently we take them, but by the direction we choose to walk. Aragon makes choices via AGPs. As such, AGPs guide Aragon’s future. It’s important that we have all the data we need to make the best choices we can for AGP votes.

This is difficult because while we want to be as educated as possible, we all have busy lives. We can only represent the interests of the community by making it as easy as possible for as many people as possible to engage in governance decisions and vote. How do we find the balance between research and ux? We don’t. We make the data available and let people make their own decisions.

With that in mind, I propose the Aragon Voting Gauntlet: a series of trials and tribulations designed to squeeze the data out of every proposal. This will hopefully lead to more thorough AGP proposals, more community feedback in the draft/review process, and better outcomes for the Aragon community. These suggestions are meant to augment the current AGP-1 process, not replace it. The main idea is to give people more time to do research and ask questions, and to create more events that prompt them to do so.

Voting Prep Countdown

  • > 1month: Anyone can create proposals. It’s encouraged, but not required, to get feedback from the community before doing so, as AGP-1 Step 2 suggests.

  • 1 month: A month before the upcoming vote, submissions are closed. The AGP editors curate the proposals (removing those that don’t meet the submission guidelines) and present the best ones to the community for review.

  • 3 weeks: Every proposal has an AMA where the community can ask questions, critique proposals, and have open conversations. This allows for flaws to be discovered and/or proposals to brought into line with reality. Think of it as a time to review the rough drafts before final edits.

  • 2 weeks: After the AMA, there’s a week where proposals can be modified based on community feedback (final draft).

  • 1 week: Proposals are locked and the community has one more week to review and debate them before voting.

  • Voting: It happens.

  • 2 week review period: Tokens are locked and the vote is analyzed to ensure no capture or manipulation (dark DAO, etc…). I think there’s already provisions in place for this, but it’s worth mentioning again as part of the overall process.

  • New cycle where anyone can submit proposals.

Looking for feedback before creating a Meta AGP. Thanks! :slight_smile: