MESG integration with Aragon DAOs: milestone 3

Hi guys!

We finally released the milestone 3 of the MESG integration with Aragon DAOs (also check-out the milestone 1 and 2).

Users of Aragon can now create and delete connections from any events from their DAO to this list of services:

  • Send an email
  • Send a message on Slack
  • Send a message on Telegram
  • Send an SMS
  • Post to URL

Check-out the demo video:

We are still working on the Zapier integration that was originally part of this milestone 3. Its integration into our system is much more complex than planned. We will publish a new update when it’s done.

To install the app on your organization, you can follow the instructions on the repo.


  • The connections’ data (eg: email address, webhook URL, slack bot id) are currently in plain text and quite easily readable from Ethereum. We would like to add an encryption and decryption mechanism in milestone 4 to encrypt the data before putting them on the blockchain.
  • The app still needs to be installed manually. We are planning to submit this version of the app to the Aragon App Center if feedbacks are good and the previous point is not mandatory.

As always, I would love to hear your feedback and suggestion :slight_smile:


Very cool! Looking forward to trying it out. What do you mean exactly by user data there?

Very cool indeed, planning to use for KittieFIGHT DAO


I meant the connections’ data that users put in the form when creating the connection. It can be the email address, the webhook URL, the slack bot id, the telegram token, etc.

I edited this part of the post to explain it better.

Question? how do you manage message relay to an endpoint? Are you maintaining a server for this and have you considered any of the IPFS projects (orbot, 3box, etc) for this purpose for a more permanent solution ?

We manage a server that is executing the webhooks to third parties.
As the goal is to connect web2 technologies, I’m not sure any of the projects you suggested can help. Could you explain?

this is very cool guys!

I installed the app in a test DAO however I the SMS tasks do not appear to work? is the feature fully working or is there some kind of geographical restrictions?

Thanks for testing!

We have some issues with the stability of the backend. We are currently working on a much-improved version. That’s also why we didn’t submit the app to the App Center for review.

Also, there is currently a long delay (around 1min) between creating the connection and the connection being actually working. Maybe try again after a few minutes. There is no geographical phone number restriction as I know.

I will post an update here when the backend is running without issue.

thanks for the update! all in all i am very impressed with what you guys have done thus far

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