MESG integration with Aragon DAOs: milestone 2

Hi guys!

We finally released the milestone 2 of the MESG integration with Aragon DAOs.
Users of Aragon can now connect events from any of their DAO’s applications to any webhook.

We’ve finished building an Aragon application for connecting to webhooks using the MESG Network.

Check-out the demo video:

To install the App on your DAO or to get more information, you can read the article we just published on our blog:

Current limitation

  • It is not yet possible to remove the connection. We need to release an new update with the fix we just merged concerning the calculation of the resources’ hash within the network.
  • The Ethereum service used to listen from Ethereum is currently configured to wait 4 block confirmations. It takes around 1 to 2 min to reach 4 confirmations on Rinkeby. What config would you recommend?
  • The Aragon application is not yet published on the Aragon App Center. We would like to have your feedback first :wink:

I would love to hear your feedback and suggestion :slight_smile:

We are already working on the next milestone that is to add more services. In the proposal, we suggested adding: Zapier, Email, SMS, Slack, Telegram, and Twitter. What do you think about those services?


Awesome! Super excited about this :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to also add Discord to said list of services?

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Yes sure :slight_smile:

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Fantastic work @NicolasMahe! So now that we have webhooks implemented, we can presumably tigger workflows in Zapier straight from the webhook (

As an example, could we listen to event of a given DAO, such as a new vote cast, and then create a zap on Zapier to automatically post a tweet of said vote?


Thanks @joeycharlesworth :slight_smile:

Yes, you can already connect to the webhook of Zappier but it’s only available for paid accounts.

We are working on a Zapier app that will be easier to setup and available for free users as well.


Hey! Love what you guys are doing. Do you think you could provide a couple demos of actual use cases showcasing the power of MESG with Aragon? I think it’d really help potential users understand!