Membership requirements for the Aragon Cooperative?

  • How does someone become a member of the coop?

To become a member of the cooperative, there was a thread we were using to validate our identities: Aragon Cooperative Membership Thread

Now things are moving to github tho… the transition isnt 100% complete, we need a readme and clear rules for how people are added.

This is the github repo:

  • Should we limit the number of people in the coop?

There was wide support for not limiting the number of people that can join the coop but it was not unanimous, the main concern is how do we off board members based off of activity

  • What is an active member?

Membership needs to be clearly defined in order to interact with the Aragon smart contracts. We want a system where inactivity results in removal of the organization. It’s not hard to get people in, but it seem clear that the process to remove members is important and hard to define.

There is also the possibility that membership is tiered or that reputation may come into the fray.

There was a comment that one member one vote is a core value of all coop.

How about we do a monthly vote and remove X% of the Coop every month based on the least active members?

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rather than having a monthly vote it would be better to have a bot verifiying than a user is active, and then to propose in a voting to eliminate members that have been (let’s say) 3 months un-active in chats and forums.

there could be also a monthly veto vote to remove people from the coop in case we identify trolls or suspicious activities from anyone…

I love the bot idea. It’s somewhat related to the issue I made about assigning merits for voting. I think there are lots of cases where it makes sense to assign operational responsibility to a centralized account/bot, and then rely on voting as a constraint (eg periodically issuing new tokens the bot can assign, or requiring a vote to approve removal of a batch of inactive members). Forum activity may be easy to scrape from here

As far as membership requirements go I proposed the following process from an operational perspective: – But this doesn’t actually define activity in a meaninful way it just provides a process for actually assigning the tokens and updating a public mapping between accounts and identities. It seems like a reasonable place to start though.

Rather than a bot to propose kicking people out, I’d like to see the smart contracts automatically expire memberships, and have the bot refresh people’s memberships, or let them refresh it themselves.