Megathread Aragon Cooperative Mainnet Votes: The Hunger Games!

Aragon Coop Mainnet votes #20-25: The Hunger Games

The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off. - Gloria Steinem

This post intends to be a Megathread regarding the many an unexpected mainnet votes!
Which separated discussions discussions are:

Oh wait, and…

  • Here for @burrrata’s attempt to modify the AGP-40 after launching his own request for payment.

So… What’s happening? What’s all this?

This is in practice the outcome of our first three weeks of experimentation. Even if the hipotesis was not done within the AGP-40 submission, the following is very fair in regards to what would be tested with the received grants:

If we give a certain amount of money (15,600 DAI & 6000 ANT) to a group of Aragon fellows who has joint together under an Decentralized Autonomous Organization called Aragon Cooperative, then they will find an autonomous and decentralized way to Organize themself as well as the proper allocation of these resources in a collaborative way looking forward to generate common value for the greater good of the community

Well, let’s start by evaluating the results, according to the different reports and the mentions in forums, the tangible deliverables in these three weeks are:

Let’s analyze one by one…

  • Governance Process: we gather 35% of quorum in our first vote (Rinkeby).
  • The reporting process has been used properly only by one member, to the date @julian haven’t submit all his worked hours and @burrrata didn’t feel he had to as per his response on one of the threads.
  • Docusaurus web page: pretty facebook product for documenting stuff, but… shouldn’t we be focusing on github documented stuff on github aiming to migrate to Pando very soon? Then, the contents are just examples (hopefully future proposals) as neither of those has been submitted to the communities approval nor validation system/agents have been defined.
  • Tools: where, making tests is useful for many of us!
  • Forum discussions: well, I reserve my comments, for sure it is important to do this. Do we need to discuss that much and write never ending posts? IDK…

Ohh, worth to mention also that we have failed in delivering a Membersgip On-Boarding / Off-Boarding process, too much entropy (energy to deal with that is not adding value to the system) facing conflicts among the triad.

Supposing that all proposals go funded, we would had spent in the first three weeks ~4.500 DAIs (4.200 DAIs + 415 ANTs actually).

In my view, we are very close to experience the tragedy of the commons. Put a limited resource in the hands of a bunch of people and see how many of them will try to appropriate of it before other come for it. The interest on the individual prevails on the interest of the community.

Worth mentioning also the Engagement of the Cooperative members, that even if we haven’t use the proper tools or methods to measure it, there’s the overall feeling of disengagement, as only few people dominate chats and forum, while the rest remain in silence (it’s also true that those that have currently a job for Aragon are very busy, so we can’t demand that much! Maybe only their vote!).

On the other hand, the overall behavior of the openly engaged members (not only these three, and with many exemptions oc) was to continuously challenging the labor of others in a very un-constructive way. It felt like the usual ego’s fight to see who’s opinion shall prevail instead in recognizing leadership on others and support things to be smooth.

Having said all this, I still think we are very lucky to have realized this with enough time and as we still have the opportunity to correct it. To pivot to something will create real value not only for the Cooperative, but for the Aragon Network. BTW, please have a look at this post Proposed working groups for the Aragon Network DAO from @light , I think the Coop can take an important role in that (John, you will have my comments there soon)

The key, I’m sure is on Collaboration, in pushing every engaged member to create meaningful relationships among each other, to make a try understanding the motivations of the rest of stakeholders participating in the system, in recognizing leadership among the Cooperative members, and decide to trust them and follow their lead, while also assuring that this leader(s) is(are) acting in pro of the community and are not there only for the individual benefits that prevail.

In this triad of individuals that you have seen trying to take an stake in the leadership of the Cooperative, there has been for sure Collaborator and Free-rider attitudes, this is coming from my own judgement and criteria. Explaining motivations here could trigger some trolling attack, so I prefer to shut up until a trustworthy fellow challenge me to expose the motivations in such an statement. But this is something where I feel the community should have some thoughts and make (or try to make) a proper judgement.

The question now is: How do we overcome The Hunger Games? How do we prevent to completely fall into the Tragedy of The Commons? How do we activate Collaboration and make it prevail against Individual gain?
Well, first of all (if you are a Coop Member) you have to vote, I’m sure that an outcome with enough participation will bring some order into the current chaos. Please DO vote! I know some people might not be willing to get abducted by other guys’ conflicts, but guess what! We are all committed to build the best tools for governing organizations! And Governance it’s all about conflicts prevention and resolution, isn’t it? I assure you the AragonCoop as a team will have a lot of learning here, take your time, go to each of the above links, make yourself an opinion, and please VOTE.

OK! We will vote! Then What??..

Well, the first natural solution against the tragedy of the Commons is to adopt Elinor Ostrom and her Design Principles for governing the Commons, accepting the tokens in vault as a Common Pool of Resources, and adopting her model would maximize our chances of success. These principles are:

  1. Define clear group boundaries.

  2. Match rules governing use of common goods to local needs and conditions.

  3. Ensure that those affected by the rules can participate in modifying the rules.

  4. Make sure the rule-making rights of community members are respected by outside authorities.

  5. Develop a system, carried out by community members, for monitoring members’ behavior.

  6. Use graduated sanctions for rule violators.

  7. Provide accessible, low-cost means for dispute resolution.

  8. Build responsibility for governing the common resource in nested tiers from the lowest level up to the entire interconnected system.

The question that remains open is still how do we coordinate ourself to achieve the above? What has the community learned so far out from this experience?
Do we go with this proposed workflow? or shall we look for having a legit and solid Governance Cycle leadership role that will ensure Collaboration among all members while looking forward to build strong cohesion towards a common direction and purpose?
I guess we will see a vote soon on that! (But please! let this governance cycle/vote finish before submitting new votes! Please!!)

I have now some insights to write down a solid proposal to define operational and strategic governance for our Cooperative, still would wait for the final outcome of these votes to redact it and share it.

P.S. I know that a Game of Thrones related subject is actually more trendy… But the hunger games seems to fit the situation better :sweat_smile:…
P.S.2. I tried to be as objective as possible while redacting this post, I know it’s difficult to do that 100% being one of the implicated, anyhow if anyone wants my personal opinions not expressed here, feel free to ask.
P.S.3. For a the last detailed report of what has being done in the Coop, please come here.

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+1 for The Hunger Games analogy.

[EDIT] - The film has a happy ending though right?

It has been called to my attention that this post reflects poorly the cooperative initiative, and I have to agree there.

This was only an intend to analyze the outcome of 3 weeks of operations/experimentation in a simple way.

Apologize if I it caused somehow a bad impression.

Money seems to always fuck everything up huh… I think we are a little late on coming up with clear rules for the coop :frowning: that probably needed to be in place before money got involved… :frowning: its so hard when everyone is part time/ working for free… with all the distractions in this world, i think its really important to start of centralized, blaze a trail then slowly decentralize as we gain faith in our tools… but you really need processes and expectations clearly defined before any money gets involved… cause money makes everyone weird…


This is my proposal to fix that: