Mastering Governance: Legislature - invitation to the workshop

Initial session s01e00 scheduled for Aug 2, 2022, 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM Europe/Lisbon (GMT+01:00) via the discord calendar event

Hi dear Aragonians, digital citizens of Aragon Network! In this post I have my pleasure to invite you to the initial pro bono session of the hands-on workshop course called Mastering Governance: Legislature! :hugs:

My name is Mike Ananyin. I am a Solution Architect in the field of digital economy and governance, for the last 6 years I was researching and developing innovative solutions for companies, NGOs and communities, Moreover, for the last 2 years I was contributing as a coordinator of the metaBelarus initiative with the aim to implement Grassroots Digital State for democratic civil society of Belarus to help belarusian people in a fight for freedom and peace :white_heart: :heart: :white_heart:

Being a part of the Aragon community first as an investor, then as an independent researcher and lately as an Ambassador I was able to identify main issues that we have to solve before we will be able to manage big treasury and cooperate as one synchronised ensemble composed of many groups, guilds and DAOs and later become a sovereign network state* of the decentralised society:

  • Lack of knowledge and guides on how to decentralise a network organisation without sacrificing effectivity of governance
  • Lack of standardisation of cross-guild interactions
  • Unclear governance culture and objectives.

These problems actually are not new) Check this out:

Life under the rule of the King taught the colonists to fear absolute control. Whereas life under the charter of the Articles of Confederation taught the Founders that a central government must have certain powers and authority to be able to govern properly. Faced with these two opposing positions the U. S. Founding Fathers undertook the creation of the United States Constitution.

Looks familiar to our problem, doesn’t it? And we also are aiming to solve these issues by updating the charter.

The same problem also stands before Belarusian civil society now - people want to have democracy, but the system is so corrupt, that there is no possibility to fix it, only to relaunch the state in a digital field - and make it decentralised and democratic by design. Although it is a difficult and awful time for Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian people, I find the importance of the moment - Belarus literally became a field-lab for democratic experimentation, so now we don’t need to guess how the founding fathers made it, we simply can observe, design and test different methodologies and tool to reinvent democracy! And I’ve got insights for you, dear friends!

I was invited to help Belarusian Forum of Democratic Forces - inclusive grassroots initiative of civil activists and experts from different fields, with a goal of formation of Belarusian civil society as a legal subject based on the principles of transparency, decentralisation and democracy. This subject will be used to launch a human-centric digital state. My task in the Forum is to solve outlined problems by designing socio-political procedures for collective agreement, compliance, execution and observation in an inclusive and online format. I started from the agreement procedure that now is working as a resolution machine of the civil society, producing collective agreements on rules and tasks in the form of documents that are later sent to official bodies. Along with the procedure I’ve started to design a course of workshops and webinars to facilitate a) creation of the horisontal political process culture b) balancing governance structure and c) outcome standardisation.

And this solution I would like to offer to AN DAO with a goal to facilitate collective consensus while working on all kind of issues. The course of workshops is designed in a format of Open Space Technology to be able to include a large number of participants and support parallel work on several issues simultaneously. Great benefit of using OST is related to the main objective of the governance - to react to external events as soon as possible taking into account:

  • Complexity - when the issue to be solved is beyond the capacity of an individual, group, organisation, beyond a single area of expertise.
  • Diversity - when the successful resolution of a problem or the answer to an issue inevitably involves a variety of stakeholders and groups with different interests.
  • Conflict - real or potential - when people are sufficiently involved in an issue or problem that it is likely to generate conflict situations.
  • Urgency - when the deadline for resolving an issue or answering a question is yesterday or even the day before.

In order to cultivate proper culture of the political dialog the OST was modified as a set of repeatable sessions enabling debate-based reputation model, building competency over the participants to structure clear and logical statements as a response to questions and issues.

The structure of the workshops sessions is following:

  1. We will start from the topic of charter updates and will use discord channel and a miro board as Agora - public space
  2. Next we gather for initial General Circle meeting in a Zoom ( 90 min) for presenting the topic, methodology and constructing questions/statements to address
  3. Then we create Subject Circles for each question/statement chosen by participants for working in groups in a discord threads and Miro board during 1 week. Using the rule of two feet we will enable cross-pollination of the Subject Circles and free flow of information
  4. In order to standardise outcomes, all the results will be submitted via google forms and aggregated in a google document.
  5. After working in groups we gather for General Circle meeting in discord (90 min) to present results for counter-argumentation or approval, distribution of points for the most clear and logical argumentation
  6. Approved results will be published in the forum section “Legislature Resolutions” for final argumentation and voting.
  7. Repeating Subject Circles until all the raised questions/statements are solved and approved

The beauty of this course is that the procedure naturally transforms into the Legislature subDAO with a voting power constructed from the reputation distributed during General Circles for the most clear and logical statements. This allows the creation of a parliamentary system that will generate policies and guidance used for regulation of the AN DAO.

I would like to invite you all to participate in the first session and set up legislative practice of decentralised governance together! :handshake: :heart_hands: :muscle:

If you have any questions or suggestions you are warmly welcome!
If you are ready to join the session please leave your time preference in Doodle and give this post a like :heart: :hugs:

*Wait, what?) Yes, AN DAO can become a network state :dizzy: Let’s take a modern look at the Montevideo convention that describes the state as a subject of international law. It should possess the following qualifications: a) a permanent population - members of the community; b) a defined territory - ownership over the physical or digital community space; c) government - governance over the assets and currency; and d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states - legal representation body able to sign external agreements. Based on this we actually can use the term “network state of the decentralised society” as derivative of a broad definition “the digital state of the civil society”. That means we can apply the same political and economical methods to AN DAO and after export the best practices and tools back to civil societies to help them in the journey towards their vision - freedom!


Guys, I made a video invitation as well

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Guys, I have an update! Based on doodle, maximum we’ve got was 4 people for today. We can start with any number of participants, but it will be much better if we have delegates from every entity involved into AN DAO implementation. To have better results we require to have diversity of the opinions.

Take a moment and imagine your-self in a big room full of people during the summer of 1787 year. Imagine that you are standing in the beginning of the new era for the huge community of different people, values, culture. You are one of the Founding Fathers and you are inspired to create a strong and united country. How? You are in one room with others like you. So all you need is an agreement among these people that will be supported by the majority of the community.

That is history, and now we are going through similar moment, so now we are creating history together! United by the pledge to fight for freedom, gathered all together in the web3 like in one virtual room in our discord, we are inspired to build a strong and united network of DAOs, guilds, teams, people and machines. And look how far we’ve got! How many amazing tools we created, how many ideas we validated! Look how many people we inspired to go and to discover new forms of organisation, new tools and methodologies!
And now I am inviting you to design together our agreement - charter, as a first step towards effective decentralised governance!

Please go to the doodle voting and leave there your availability fo the session, I opened next week with range of options suitable for different time zones.
:bangbang: Votes accepted until the 10pm Sunday the 31st of July, then I will publish the final date for a workshop and create an announcement.
Join discord conversation here Discord

Please share it with others, ask any questions and lets govern better together!

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Dear fellows, members of the Aragon Network community! It is my pleasure to invite you to the initial session of the workshop course called Mastering Governance: Legislature that will take place in Discord voice channel AN DAO Governance.
We are going to design together an agreement framework starting from the AN DAO charter! If you have thoughts, ideas, criticism or questions about how AN DAO should work please join the event at Aug 2, 2022, 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM Europe/Lisbon (GMT+01:00) simply by responding the discord calendar event
For those who can’t attend because of date and time you can provide your availability here and I will schedule a parallel session for you guys! :blue_heart:

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