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What about an Aragon Marketing DAO?

I just found this article on reddit:

When we introduced the Ethereum Marketing DAO, we outlined three initial strategy initiatives:

  1. Develop strong Ethereum positioning
  2. Deeply know our audience
  3. Establish a strong ground presence

To accomplish these goals, we need contributors that have marketing expertise, creative ideas, and the capacity to deliver the work. To canvass the community for ideas and resources, we’re opening up our proposals process so we can start to build an inventory of great projects.

Today, we are launching a simple Request for Ethereum Marketing Ideas and Projects process. If you are interested in submitting your proposal idea, it only takes five minutes to fill out the form below and describe how you’d like to contribute. Your idea can be aligned with one of the three objectives above, or it could contribute in other ways to educating the market about Ethereum or promoting its adoption.

We’ve thought about it, but it’s easier said than done. Do you have any ideas for things that could help us reach people who might benefit from Aragon DAOs and Aragon services?

I think there are lots of communities out there who want to improve their community (voting / transparency / rewards / membership / funding etc.)
I think lots of communities are interested how other communities manage them self. They want to go on a site where they see the possibilities how to improve their community with new features for their members like what the CFDAO or CRDAO is doing for the Aragon community. I think the CFDAO and the CRDAO are nice role DAOs for other communities who want to experiment with new community models. So I would try to market templates for those communities like Aragon is already doing in the Aragon Client and try to listen to those communities what they want/need.

I think a start would be to figure out what communities are out there and what features they would like to add to their community. For example which communities could use a Reward System (CRDAO) or a community funding system (CFDAO) or other DAO templates. And also how can Aragon make the adoption of templates like CRDAO or CFDAO for communities simple. It would be nice to have a site where communities can go and find all the different community templates / community functions I can add to my community. There all DAO models are listed and categorized based on the model (reward, funding, etc.) and when i click on one template I see all the Communities which have adopted this template and how it works and how to implement it. So its a site / forum where communities can exchange ideas how to manage them selfs.

so i think there are three types of online communities

  1. communities who don’t know DAOs but are interested in new features
  2. communities who plan to become a DAO in the future but want to start small first (CFDAO/CRDAO)
  3. communities who need better community / DAO control interface because they are already a DAO (blockchains)

Here I have some projects who said they want to be DAOs:
Singularitynet has or panning to implement something like CFDAO = Request for AI Portal but integrated with tokenomics which I think is very interesting.


I think good marketing is to show people all options available with reviews. So a site from and for communities to manage themselves. P2P marketing. Aragon Marketing. The best community management tool wins. This site is a dao itselfe (Marketing DAO) which is owned by communities (DAOs). A Community owned registry for DAO management tools.

Also I think Discourse is the best forum tool available. and forum is an essential tool for community management. I think a really good marketing would be Aragon integration into Discourse like the poll option Aragon Idea Portal

Are there any in specific that are top of mind?

Agree 100%. “DAOs” are a really big and open design space. It’s not easy to get into unless you’re already familiar with a particular project or template. Having examples of DAO designs that could address various use cases would be great. Maybe that would be a good sub-category for #research if people want to sketch out DAO designs on paper before deploying them? Could also be a useful thing to have in use cases. What do you think?

That’s the billion dollar question. Currently shows the various templates and lets you create them in a few clicks, but the descriptions are vague and it’s hard to know what you’re getting into until you’ve actually paid and created a DAO. Do you think adding a list of communities that are using various templates would be helpful, or is there more we could do to improve this part of the user experience?

That’s a really interesting way of thinking about it. I like that a lot. Beyond the two listed, do you know of any other communities that would fit into those buckets?

I think something like the CRDAO nomination thread is a tool which brings online communities closer together. I think all online communities can benefit from a nomination thread. It’s a nice way to show members respect for what they do. This brings members closer together and strengthen the community as a hole. This can tokenize communities.

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Agreed! Many people have said that being nominated for stuff they’re already doing feels like magic moment that inspires them to contribute more. It’s a small thing, but it can make a big difference.

If I understand correctly, it sounds like you’re saying that we could package the CRDAO as an Aragon template that would include the DAO itself, but also user guides and best practices around how to use the DAO to recognize, reward, and inspire community members. This way people wouldn’t just get the dry code, but also a game plan on how to use it to enhance their current operations. Is that right?

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In terms of marketing, one thing that could be beneficial to Aragon ecosystem is success stories. I mean, currently there are 1046 organizations on mainnet, but we don’t know much about them. Maybe some projects which are actively using Aragon DAOs will be happy to tell the world about their experience? A series of such stories, if published somewhere (eg. on the Aragon blog), may convince some DAO/blockchain skeptics and help projects gain public attention - a win-win outcome.

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That’s a great idea! We’re currently in the process of reaching out to every Aragon DAO to better understand how we can help them get the most out of their experience. As part of that we could totally highlight and document case studies that have been successful so that similar projects can follow suit. Thanks for sharing that idea :slight_smile:

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yes I like this. Perhaps a service like this but more interactive and do it yourself style