Mapping out the Aragon DAO landscape

This proposal intends to map out the Aragon DAO landscape in a way similar to what I’ve done for the DAOstack landscape (see here).

Token Requested: 6 ETH

Time will be spent researching the various DAOs on the Aragon ecosystem. Projects will be contacted to understand what “type” of DAO they are, how projects are affiliated, and include any relevant information for the project within the Miro map.

An up to date Miro board for the Aragon ecosystem similar to this one created for the DAOstack ecosystem. This information will be included in a thread within the Aragon Forum.

Resources/Help Needed
Would love to know which resources would be useful to complete this work. I’m already aware of, but would love to know what else might be a good starting point. It may be useful to work with existing Flock teams to get this process rolling effectively.

About Proposers
My name is Eric Arsenault (, ), I’ve been an active member of the Genesis DAO community (DAOstack) for some time now, and would love to explore the Aragon world in more depth.

Completion Date
+1 month, depending on how much research is needed.

I have not spent much time within the Aragon ecosystem, but I feel this would be a great way to get myself exposed while also creating a valuable asset within the ecosystem. At least within the DAOstack ecosystem, creating this map has been very useful to help DAO players understand all the activity within the space, and help projects identify overlapping interests/ skills / etc.

Happy to hear your thoughts! Thanks,


Hey there,

Thanks a lot for this proposal and your interest in Aragon! Always very happy to see a first post :blush:

While the map format is very interesting, I think that Flock teams have accumulated substantial knowledge on Aragon DAOs and their use cases. Therefore, I’m wondering if this initiative would add substantial matter to what already exists.

Tagging some Flock team members who might be qualified to add to the discussion: @lkngtn @maria @DanielS

Again, welcome!



I look forward to seeing what Flock teams might have put together on this front :slight_smile:

Bit late to party, heres my two cents…

I think that Flock teams have accumulated substantial knowledge on Aragon DAOs and their use cases

I think that’s true, but I don’t think this information is nearly as accessible as it should be. Its also fairly limited, we don’t have a ton of information about organizations operating on aragon outside of what can be gathered from daolist or Scout 1 or Scout 2

Being able to identify which of these (atleast ones that appear active) fall into different categories or use cases would be very interesting.


Thanks for the support, I would agree.

Having these things be accessible and easily digestible as possible is critical in my opinion so that every project can benefit equally from them, and unlock opportunities from knowing such information.

I’ll be submitting a proposal shortly, let’s see how it goes :S

Hi Everyone!

Here is the work in progress:

I have a few open questions, and would also love feedback / thoughts on the following:

  1. Are Democracy Earth, Daonuts, Autark, Aragon Black planning on becoming DAOs or building on Aragon? I found this in relationship to Daonots in somewhere in Aragon documentation: but couldn’t find much else. I’m assuming both Autark and Aragon Black will start operating as a DAO on Aragon shortly.
  2. Is there any more information on Association DAO and Mesh DAO? Not sure what type of DAO they would fit under. I’m in touch with Ross about OpenESQ.
  3. Are there any DOAs missing? Is there anything on this map that should not be there?
  4. Are DAOs roughly in the correct categories (“not live” vs. “live”, “Commons” & “The Market”)? Some of these feel like fitting square peg in round hole.
  5. Are there other DAOs from worth including? The vast majority don’t have any real activity behind them, but I may have missed some that do.

Any other thoughts / comments on how to structure this are welcome also! I’ve been thinking of scraping the Commons and Market categories also, as it isn’t always very easy to distinguish. More information will be added on the map so that users can get a better understanding of what all these DAOs are about :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support and I’ve enjoyed learning about everything happening in this ecosystem.


I can’t seem to access the miro board without logging in, is it possible to make it public?

Made the change, but doesn’t seem like they allow comments unless you sign in:

The map has been updated with more information. Any thoughts?

The teams could already be seen as DAOs as they are small sized multisigs managing their allocation by the AA.

It would be nice if there could be a form which automatically fills these parameters into a visual interface.

The mapping looks very cool so far! Since ecosystem mapping is a dynamic sport, how do you intend to facilitate the data visualization going forward? Is it possible to automate certain functions? Or maybe a DAO of curators funded to watch the Aragon ecosystem for interesting projects & manage the ecosystem map?

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Thanks for the information :slight_smile:

I agree it would be nice to have a form and to automate certain functions.

I’m currently getting a small monthly allocation from DAOstack to keep their ecosystem map updated, I would imagine something similar could be some for the Aragon ecosystem. I do think there is an opportunity to create a DAO of curators around this initiative, but at this stage it is likely still too small in scope to justify (?)

While not as fancy as the graphs you created, we’re now mapping out the Aragon DAO landscape via Aragon DAO forum threads. If you feel so inspired feel free to jump in :slight_smile:

Do you mean this link? DAOS in the Wild instead of this Aragon request market ?

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Yes. Thanks. Sometimes my copypasta game is off lol