Make voting more fun and rewarding

  1. Possibility to stake ANT and get Aragon Voting Tokens (AVT) based on time staked formula. for each day you stake 1 ANT you mint 1/365 AVT.

  2. Rewards in AVT for people who vote . The more you vote like the majority the more AVT you earn the more influence you have in Aragon. you can never drop below the amount of voting tokens based on the time-staked formula, but you can lose earned AVT if you vote against the majority. The earlier you stake your AVT behind a Proposal the more AVT you can earn but also the more you can loose.
    The Proposal creator gets also a reward because without him there is not voting. Thats why 80% of the minted AVT goes to the voter and 20% goes to the proposal creator because also a good proposal attracts more AVT than a bad one. A contract would mint AVT based on a formula, if the proposal is accepted, and distribute those newly minted AVT then to the participants (proposal creator and voters) based on parameters like time/position you staked, amount you staked and total AVT staked. If the proposal gets denied than all people who staked their tokens get slashed based on a formula similar to the minting formula.

  3. creating one voting App where every other Voting App is included.

perhaps it is even possible to create a separate App like mobile and/or Web based.