Make communication more efficient

I was thinking about how to improve the forum to make the communication more efficient. I know the Aragon Forum is the 3. Party app and this can’t be implemented but I just want to know what you Aragonians (ants) think about it.

Nice inspiration, thanks for sharing! Look forward to your feedback once discussion threads are implemented on the Dot Voting app. I think that’ll be a good first step towards facilitating communication channels for Aragon organization members.

happy to inspire you :slight_smile:
My thought is a bit more general. I think each Forum is its own DAO and its Members are the Members of the DAO. Each DAO can have its own tokenised ecosystem and out of each Forum other Forums and not for profit / open source Projects can emerge. I can imagine that those DAOs (Forums, open source Projects) can be managed by Aragon.

A Forum Tramples that every forum can take over. A forum upgraded to this universal open source forum.

  • In this way, each forum can communicate with the other forum and thus exchange information.
  • In addition, a search engine and overview for forums can be developed so that you quickly find the right forums.
  • Forums post can appear on several forums, if the administrators confirm this, which increases the participation significantly.

An existing forum selects “migrate forum” and then selects the appropriate categories and sub-categories with hashtags for the existing forum. Now automatically the existing forum with all information is transferred to the new Trampelt. The old post are all displayed as text post, but then new post-temples can be selected.

Thanks, that’s neat!

Our idea is to get started by facilitating per-app discussion threads as modules, and we’re making progress on the first integration being dot vote discussion threads. Once that’s covered and once other apps can integrate threads too, a Discussions app that brings all threads together in a forum-like layout makes sense, and we hope to bring that up to debate with other Aragon teams soon.

Happy to see that you’re as excited as us about bringing more human discourse into Aragon organizations too!

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Hi @Mouyou thank you for sharing your ideas! I have been thinking about re-organizing the forum to better align with how people are using it but this is been a relatively low priority since people seem to be getting along ok with the current layout. I do plan to have a proposal for re-organization by the end of the year and would welcome your feedback when it’s ready. I think it will be a nice compliment to the topic structure that you have proposed above.

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I would like to see that on my profile page the activity and Notifactions merge. Like this: