'Local' Devcon Initiative called 'ETHCon'

Hello Community!

TL;DR; We are organizing "EDCon - English + Local devs (80% of the sessions in local language) " to serve local Ethereum dev community. And surprisingly we’ve got top-notch speakers including a middle schooler dev. Plus we don’t want to make this organization centralized so we are doing it in a DAO’s way. (It’s not easy I have to admit haha) We ask for Aragon community’s support.

In Korea, we are organizing an Ethereum Dev conference called ETHCon.

At ETHCon, we are organizing a conference that the local community deserves. Most of the communication within the blockchain ecosystem is done through English. Due to that fact, a digital divide exists in countries where English is not a native language, and language barrier is a big hurdle that obstructs knowledge sharing among researchers.

Through ETHCon, we hope to bring together the works of the developers in Korea and contribute in expanding the ecosystem. We plan to have more than 80% of the sessions in Korean.

We make this initiative to bridge the gap between local and global blockchain communities. (We are inspired by ETHGlobal also :slight_smile:) ETHCon Korea will be the first movement. And we hope to see other events like ETHCon China or ETHCon Thailand :slight_smile:

Luckily, we’ve got sponsorship from Ethereum Foundation, Status, bitfish, Metadium, Atomrigs Consulting so far. Here’s our sponsorship proposal. (Link)

Furthermore, we are organizing this event in a DAO’s way. We manage funds with a mulitisig wallet, have a voting channel in our slack (anonymous). Of course, it’s harder than we expected but we’re learning by doing.

The 1st ETHCon will be hosted on May 27th - 28th at COEX. It will be a gathering for developers to come and share their recent works, discuss and collaborate to find solutions to the difficulties we currently face, and ultimately, grow and solidify the community’s foundation. A total of 60 sessions will be carried out in 2 halls and many are sending in applications to fill the presentation slots. ETHCon will be an excellent place to interact with the ‘core community members’