Limited edition "Happy Holidays" Aragon NFT now available!

Today we released a limited edition Non-Fungible Token (NFT) holiday card to celebrate the holiday season and give back to those in need. Only ten (10) of these will ever be minted. The design looks like this:

Each limited edition NFT costs 1.2 ETH and confers to the holder the right to receive one (1) free ticket to the upcoming Aragon community conference, AraCon. All proceeds from the sale of these NFTs will go to people in need in Venezuela via the Crypto Xmas Giveth campaign.

Here’s how you can purchase one of these limited edition Aragon NFTs for yourself or a friend and use the NFT to get a free AraCon ticket:

  1. Go to the Crypto Xmas dapp and select the Aragon NFT from the list of available holiday cards. You’ll need to use a Web3-enabled browser e.g. MetaMask or Status for the dapp to work.

  2. Purchase the card using your Ethereum wallet. Make sure you have enough ETH in your wallet! (If it’s a gift for someone else, you can add a message and even some extra ETH as a gift to the recipient.)

  3. Click the link to receive the NFT for yourself or send the link to the recipient so they can receive the NFT. The recipient will also need a Web3-enabled browser to receive the NFT.

  4. To use the NFT to get a free AraCon ticket, first write a message using the MyCrypto message signing tool saying “I am the owner of address ___” and fill in the blank with the address that owns the Aragon NFT. Then sign the message using that address. Send the signed message to AraCon organizers using the contact form on the AraCon website, making sure to include your email address so we know how to contact you. Within a couple of business days, the AraCon organizers will verify your message and send you a free ticket!

To those who purchase our limited edition NFT, we thank you for supporting Venezuelans in need during this holiday season and hope to see you at AraCon!

Happy holidays from all of us at Aragon - here’s to an amazing 2019! :snowman_with_snow:


Awesome initiative here. I love it.