Join the Aragon Community Call #2 🎙️ June 2nd, 6 PM (CEST)

I’m thrilled to invite you all to our next Aragon Community Call, which will take place on Wednesday, June 2nd, at 6 PM (CEST).

I’ll give you (at least) two reasons why you should join us:

:+1: Aragon has partnered with Witnet to provide off-chain, ‘optimistic’ voting for DAOs via Discord. Soon, organizations built on Aragon v2 will be able to offer feeless, binding votes on DAO operations to any Discord channel member using only emoji reactions.

:balance_scale: The Greet team is ready to present its new development: an escrow solution integrated with Aragon Court, which covers use cases such as when DAOs need to enter into subjective agreements with third parties.

A Q&A will follow this with questions from the Community, and many other updates from the Aragon Association will be announced.

The event will be live streamed on Youtube, so make sure to click at “set reminder” so you don’t miss the date. See you there!


So vocdoni is a governance platform for traditional organisations and Aragon is a governance platform for daos?
How are both connected? Can a traditional org move over from vocdoni to Aragon? How does vocdoni benefit from Aragon and vice versa?

Why does Aragon needs witnet oracle to create discord voting? I thought this is the job of Aragon court.
Do I need metamask to vote with my token via emojis?
Why not start with vocdoni discord voting so no metamask/token required

Why does Aragon need greet to create escrow? I also thought this is the job of Aragon court

Who is Aragon labs?
What are all the entities involved in Aragon and how are they connected?