Join the Aragon Community Call #1 🎙️ Today, 6:00 PM (CEST)

On today’s Aragon Community Call, Ferran Reyes (Digital Marketing & Community Lead @ Aragon Labs) and Ramon Canales (Head of Product @ Aragon) will introduce you to the Vocdoni governance platform and Aragon Voice.

A Q&A will follow this with questions from the Community.

The event is online, free, and you can register via BevyCares (virtual conference platform) or watch the livestream on Youtube.

See you soon! :studio_microphone:


I just watched it and I think something like orgID makes sense for vecdoni when creating a new entity so only the Admins who have a orgID linked to a Twitter account and website etc. can register this specific entity. It gives more reliability to the entity.

Just looked at their website and it looks pretty interesting, thanks for the suggestion @Mouyou!

Whether it can be embedded with Vocdoni’s technology or not, I will leave to @ferranrego to explore the possibilities :mag: