Is it realistic to get 1000 DAI from AGP10 every month?

This is a clear abuse. This behavior is not OK and, even though I can empathize with your personal situation, for me this is stealing money from the project and you should return it. You are an enemy to the project until you do so.

Let me request a transfer of 0.0001 DAI with the comment that if you agree to it, it means that you approve my previous payment. If this 0.0001 DAI transfer is approved, I feel no reason to return it. OK?

I don’t understand why I am so severely blamed for this, when most of the proposals are voted namely by one person, just like mine.

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In fact, I violated nothing:

How to make proposals to the Community Funding DAO:

no hard requirements are defined in AGP-10, but here’s a process I suggest proposal authors follow

Suggest and no hard requirements.

I am blamed for violating rules, but I violated a personal suggestion by anteater that is not a requirement.

You just should formulate your rules better. If it would be a requirement I would not do this way. What I am blamed for?

Anyone agree that I didn’t violate?

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Hello Victor,

You may not have infringed hard written rules, but it is a norm in the Aragon Community that people will do work and ask for feedback before asking to be funded/compensated. Hope it makes sense! :slightly_smiling_face:


P.S: note that a vote was triggered here

P.S: I’ll vote no to this


I didn’t violate this “norm” at least formally: I did work in repo and asked for feedback in this thread.

I can see that the Rewards Court proposal received no validation or support from the community. On my side, I do not think it is valuable to the Aragon ecosystem either and will vote No on vote #27.

You vote of your own opinion or following the community? (You remind me “I will vote Putin because he is supported by most of the Russian nation!”)

Explain why you do not think it is valuable to the Aragon ecosystem.

It is unimportant whether my proposal is valuable to the Aragon ecosystem. It is important for the entire world.

Vote no if you want children to die of hunger, Linux desktop day be is 2100, mathematicians have 10000 less money than porn stars, Christians in Iran to be poor, etc. It is all for the sake of preserving the existing economic system, the 19 century capitalism and also taking decisions based on Aragon financing only ignoring the rest of the world. (Does Aragon exist to finance itself or to help the rest of the world? If yes, you are legally obliged to change your status to a for-profit corporation.) Vote no if you want the economy be like 19 century.

Vote yes.

By the way it is indeed important for the Aragon ecosystem, because tokens received from the courts may go directly to Aragon budget. Your claim that it is unimportant for Aragon community is false.

I see things from both sides. I’m not okay with how we treat new people that is trying to engage with the community and actually tries to make use of the Aragon ecosystem. We don’t want to push people away but keep them engaged and explain why this could have been done in a better way. I’m sure his intention was not to “steal”. Regarding his project post, there’s clearly missing engagement from the community - in that way it could be hard to move on from that.


Going backwards and forwards on this is unproductive. This is all I have to say on these topics

  1. Creating a proposal and no announcing it means it will sneak through without scrutiny. Maybe you didnt realise that was the case, maybe you did. Either way that an abuse of the process

  2. Your rewards court proposal has has zero positive feedback from the community and has already been turned down by Nest. Maybe the world does need your rewards court, but it doesn’t look like the Aragon community want to fund it

no one has to explain why they think it isnt valuable, the onus is on you to explain why it is convincingly. but since you ask. UBI is valuable and one day I’m sure we will see some great models, this, however, will not be one of them. This is not a very well-considered project

When you are asking the Aragon community for 1000 DAI every month, it kinda is important to the Aragon ecosystem

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First, I feel needed to remind that my project is not only about UBI, UBI is just one of its aspects.

My model of UBI is great for the following reasons:

  • The money to be distributed to everybody in the world go directly from the entire crypto community, not as a burden on a single government (that would also harm itself by welcoming everybody to go to that country for free money) or single nonprofit.
  • It is in crypto intended to have human rights, not in regular money as if it would be intended for people to stop work.

You mistake also for the following reason: It is important for the Aragon ecosystem because it is an universal and convenient way to mint tokens. It is to be used by Aragon’s governance to produce tokens to reward/fund somebody. To reward/fund somebody is an important aspect of the Aragon ecosystem, so it is important for the Aragon ecosystem.

I remind again that it is also important for the Aragon ecosystem, because it is a way to finance Aragon organization itself by the mean of Aragon receiving tokens from “courts”.

It somehow reminds me the situation I had in 1997 or 1998 when I was a first year university student:

If I do not deny that I follow the Gospel I will most likely die either of hunger because the mother refused to feed a follower of Gospel and I was unable to find a job or of the next hit of a frying pan to my head by the mother.

If I follow the ethics, I am likely either to die, or forget the ethics after the next frying pan hit.

Moreover, in the first year of the university (right when I was eating grass on the streets because of dying from hunger) I found a simple math formula that was previosuly unknown. I wondered: If I follow the ethics, nobody will know the formula which was discovered almost 60 years late and the world will lose like a trillion dollars because I die without being able to write down my formula. So I follow an egoistic desire to be rewarded by Christ for my behavior, what is my ethics worth of if I am an egoist if I follow it? (without knowing any alternative ethics that would replace my wrong ethics)

I resolved this situation that I should not serve Christ (which is truth, all time saying the truth) but directly to the Father (which is love, act accordingly love).

The similarity is this:

  • If you follow your ethics and crypto reward courts are not enough financed, you are likely to die in the next few tens of years because of global warming, because as far as I know there is no other way to raise a sinificant amount of anti global warming funds except of my “reward courts” project. (If you know any other way that may work in your opinion, I am interested to know.)
  • I have a formula of crypto courts that is probably even more imporant.
  • If you follow your ethics, then Aragon is behaving egoistically.

Unlike the case with the hunger and the frying pan where I would agree to say a lie that I reject the Gospel if put into this situation again (in fact, I do not follow the Gospel of Christ anymore, but follow directly the Father, so it even now would not be a lie anymore), now I have a reason to nevertheless follow your hostile ethics and return the money, because I am now not dying of hunger and stupid decisions of community to withdraw from me some “food” are important for me.

I disagree with @vporton’s views and I will vote against #27. I’m sorry dude, but you can’t take community funds because you think your project is just better and is going to save the world. BTW if you were on a life or death situation, I personally would encourage you not to return the money until you get better.

On the other hand, I think we kind are failing as community not properly curating the proposals made to CFDAO. We are not giving enough feedback to proposals and we are not watching well enough the DAO events.

I would not go as far as killing AGP-10 as @jorge suggested. From my point of view, we just need take more care of it. I would make sure more people is monitoring the DAO, so we can avoid situations like that in the future. AGP-10 is a good experiment of what kind of communities can flourish with Aragon, and on top of that, it is clearly providing a lot of value to the network with all the good initiative that have been funded by it.


I have followed @light suggestion and enabled email notifications.

This kind of links into a really good discussion in the 1Hive #general channel related to CFDAO, Nest and Flock. I agree CFDAO has provided alot of value, but we can do better. I think we need to start thinking about redesigning all the grants process as part of a whole and not individual piecemeal efforts


Following the community opinion that I violated some rules, I am going to return the money.

Please explain how to pay with pointers to the relevant pages of

Can I pay in ETH? How to calculate the exchange rate?

Now please forget that I get the money, I am returning the full sum, even bearing the expenses of transferring money back and forth. (And I did it only because the rules were unclear.)


Hello @vporton,

Awesome. Here is a link to some documentation on the Finance App and how to make a deposit.

  • Go on the AGP10 DAO
  • Go the the Finance app
  • Click on New Transfer
  • Select deposit and finalize by inputing the amount

DAI would be optimal, maybe you could swap some ETH against DAI on Uniswap.

If you want to pay in ETH you can use the exchange rate at the time of the deposit as per Alternatively, I suggest using today’s exchange rate, 1 ETH being worth 146 DAI.

Let us know if you need more information :slight_smile:

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To be sure, should I send DAI or SAI token?

I’ve returned the money: 1470 DAI. Please forget that I took them not knowing the rules you follow.