Introduction of MESG Foundation

Hi guys!

I’m Nicolas, co-founder and CTO at MESG.

The MESG Foundation is building a development framework that is open, decentralized, and rewards participants for their contributions. The framework is formed from a network inter-compatible microservices that can be combined and orchestrated to form full applications using very little code. It can save developers time while providing them with new avenues of income. It also allows them to avoid repetition, run apps trustlessly, and use complex technologies without first needing to learn them first.

MESG submitted a Nest application to expand the functionalities of Aragon DAOs by connecting them to web services. First, we’re going to build an Aragon application that allows users to easily connect events from DAOs to the MESG platform. Then we will build a few MESG integrations between Aragon applications and popular web services. Then we’ll build functionality that allows developers to create more integrations between Aragon apps and web services on the MESG marketplace. Then, if an integration has been created, users will be able to connect any Aragon app to any web services via the MESG Aragon app and MESG platform.

This proposal has been approved :slight_smile: Thanks, guys!

Here is the link to the proposal to learn more about it:


Welcome! Super stoked to see what you build :heart:

Welcome @NicolasMahe - can’t wait to see Mesg working on Aragon!

Hey Nicolas,

Warm welcome to the MESG team!!! Happy to see you joining the Aragon builders club :dizzy:

Looking forward to having MESG open up new possibilities for Aragon Organizations

“A public website to allow anyone to connect to any event from an Aragon DAO to any available connectors.” (source)

This will be wonderful! Keep us posted :raised_hands:

Welcome to the Aragon community :slight_smile:

Really excited for the utility MESG will bring. Not only will this provide essential integrations with platforms today, but it will open the door for talented developers to connect Aragon DAOs to more and more services. Very much looking forward to the UX improvements and business opportunities this will enable.

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