We are hoping to use our Althea Aragon app in the network in Medellin, Colombia and would appreciate internationalization. We are hoping to use this within the next month.
Just hoping to keep this on the radar - thanks!

Autark Flock Proposal

To add a little more detail about what I believe would be required: We can easily implement internationalization in our own app, but that leaves the apps like Finance, Voting, etc. in English. Even if these apps had their own internationalization, it would still be a pain for the user to have to go through them all and switch them over one by one. And of course there are items in the interface that are not part of any app.


100% support this… We should remove any hard-coded display text in Aragon apps (or non-apps) and have a language repository somewhere where new language packs for Aragon can be managed. I think an organization like the Aragon Cooperative can help manage the pull requests into the repository and deployment to IPFS.

Then under the “Settings” app in Aragon’s left-navigation menu, the user should be able to choose their language based on the available language packs and this will change it for all of the base Aragon apps and UI components, in addition to external apps that have adopted the standards.

Internationalization is in Autark’s roadmap, although at the moment the initial features to support this vision is in our nice to have list. We also want to modify Aragon to support right-to-left languages which will require flipping the UI.


Can’t wait to see Spanish supported :smiley: So glad this is on your Roadmap @stellarmagnet