Integrating ERC2222 into AragonDAO

Dear Aragon.

Our team would like to integrate and use ERC2222 as a token standard for one of our tokens in our two token DAO ecosystem.

How would we go about the integration of the ERC2222 in the AragonDAO framework?


Hico, we don’t have the ERC2222 support planned in our roadmap at the moment (at least not in the short term).

But, could you elaborate more on how do you aim to use this standard in your DAO? Having more clarity on the use case can help us plan this in a better way.


Thanks for your feedback,
We are planning a two token system where we will use ERC2222 to extend one of our ERC20 tokens which will act as a ‘reward distributor’ token to the holders. The second token generates the rewards for the ERC22222 token to pay out.
Would it be possible to setup a call with myself and team to discuss the potential of incorporating the ERC2222 in the DAO framework?