Information on the Aragon Compliance Sub-Dao

Dear Community,

After the election as members of the compliance committee sub-dao, we have organized a meeting to establish some parameters for our workflow. Moreover, we have discussed: a) the type of controls that we are going to provide on the AN DAO proposals: b) how we could assist the community for the achievements of AN DAO’s goals.

a) AN DAO Proposals

We will exercise a sanity check on every proposal within the AN DAO and then record in a dedicated channel the outcome of our assessment.

Our points of reverence in order to assess whether the proposal is compliant to the values of our community will be:

· The Aragon Network DAO Charta

· The Law

· Ethical Assumptions

In cases in which proponents do have questions or doubts with regard to the contents of a proposal that may conflict with the listed parameters, we strongly encourage you to reach the compliance sub-dao on Discord for an opinion.

According to the Aragon Governance Proposal Process, the Compliance Sub-DAO has the permission to veto proposals and actions in the Main DAO and Sub-DAOs that represent a breach of the Aragon Network DAO Charta and/or directly harm the Aragon Network.

For the benefit of the entire community, this power must be conceived as an extreme measure, to be used in very exceptional cases. It is our understanding that a healthy community should be able to discuss and cooperate to avoid unlawful proposals or proposals that are against the interest of the AN DAO. We will do our best to give assistance in that regard.

b) Assistance to the community

A part from our commitments in checking the AN DAO proposals, as legal experts operating in the blockchain industry (from the perspective of different legal systems), we are available for questions or information concerning legal developments or for specific needs related to particular activities to be performed within the DAO or in favor of third parties.

Even if we form a kind of separated organization, we feel deeply attached to the community’s values! We will take part in discussions and try to contribute within the community as better as we can!

Thanks again for the trust.

Yours faithfully,

Eagle, Ronald, Tayy