Indexing DAOs on the web

Is anyone aware of the technical hurdles for getting Aragon DAOs indexed on the web (i.e. making them discoverable by search engines)?

Currently Aragon DAOs are on the Ethereum blockchain. If a project that has a DAO and also a website, the website could be indexed via a traditional search engine such as Google or DuckDuckGo. The “search engine” for decentralized networks are block explorers. Currently the closest thing Aragon has is Apiary. It’s not a traditional search engine, but it does provide some functionality to search through Aragon DAOs on the Ethereum blockchain. Is that what you’re thinking of?

I think it would be great to add content links to Apiary. This way keywords can point to the DAOs through the search engines and Apiary. It would also be great for DAO discovery and onboarding for open DAOs, since then it would be possible to search DAOs according to type, functionality and objectives etc. Making DAOs qualitative is very important for community cultivation and in turn usage.


Would love to understand a bit more what is meant by content links, but perhaps we should go deeper in an issue.

We do have plans for adding a tagging system to help discovery and categorization of organizations.

In terms of indexing by search engines, I don’t think there would be an issue with Apiary itself being indexed, but there is not currently much in the way of personalization for organizations. This is something that Autark has been working on with the Organization Settings, and early work on DAO home page. (cc @stellarmagnet) I would love to either extend or incorporate that functionality into Apiary, as it seems like the Organization Home page is what would ideally end up indexed and surfaced by traditional search engines.

Thanks for the thoughts y’all! They’re helpful.

And Luke—glad you brought up org settings. That’s why I asked. Just created an issue —>