Implementing Aragon :: what would a real-life MVP look like?

Hi all,

I’m new here: nice to meet you all!

I run a consulting business out of Montreal, Canada. I mostly help tech startups scale operations and develop new products (mostly hardware). I try to focus on “tech for social good”.

Lately I’ve become involved very closely with the state (all three levels: federal, provincial, and municipal) by helping a very big suburb increase their internal “innovation abilities”. And I discovered that the opportunities to test new things here here are huge.

This suburb is in a transition period: it’s blossoming from a suburb into a full blown city. There are so many problems and things to do, but the machine is very inefficient and problems are not getting solved, and citizens are losing patience. I noticed by working with a lot of great people that the inefficiencies are not due to incompetence of the operators. Most people care about doing a good job and serving citizens well. But the rules of the system are broken, new rules are needed. The problems are systemic. You understand all of that I’m sure!

The elected officials I’m speaking with are young, “people-first” types, and eager to try new things. Through my work with them I’ve also gained their trust, and I’ve been discussing technology options to solve some of the issues they are facing. I’ve spoken to them about DAO’s and are very intrigued. They are interested and are waiting for something concrete, so I’m started to build a concept and gather brains around the project.

I started thinking about a decentralized, citizen-centric platform that would allow all layers of governance (political, public servants, citizen, corpo’s, etc.) to interact in a fluid and transparent fashion. Something so big, driven by the community, that the current establishment could not afford to ignore.

And then I found !!! What you guys have achieved is amazing!

I think municipal life is a great entry point “into the system” for adoption of DAO’s - through pilot projects. I have a few ideas of what an MVP would look like.

I would like to see if the Aragon community would be interested in collaborating on implementing an MVP in a real sandbox. I don’t know what a collaboration would look like, we’d need to talk about it!

What would be the next steps to discuss this?


@freli, this post is amazing. What you are describing is very much aligned with Autark’s vision of enhancing Aragon to support city planning, open innovation, and multi-stakeholder organizations.

We just had an interview with a candidate where we highlighted the need for Aragon to meet accessibility standards, so users with disabilities are able to participate – and this is especially important if we want to move towards adoption at the municipal level.

You can read more about our upcoming proposal here: Autark Flock AGP for ANV-3

We’d be interested in finding out more about your specific needs and are available to help in any way possible. Let us know how we can move this collaboration forward.


@freli it is super cool what you are trying to do. Would be great opportunity to make it happen in a way that other can learn from your experience and it help them bootstrap a similar municipal scheme for their city/town. Happy to help from the tech side of things.