Idea: Aragon WorkersDAO

I created a website for the WorkersDAO


The WorkersDAO is an acossiation of community owned sustainable and self-organized companies to create long-term secure jobs and room for initiatives. The Workers-DAO is inspired from The Mietshäuser Syndikat and Community-supported agriculture.


The WorkersDAO is an infrastructure for community owned self-organized and sustainable companies. The WorkersDAO promotes solidarity transfer through the solidarity fund between more efficient and financially weaker projects. This starts from the point that the equity capital of young, heterogeneous projects is usually very thin, but permanent and reliable debt and slowly increasingly solid contributions over income can be paid. Participation in this solidarity procedure is a condition to become a member of the WorkersDAO.

The WorkersDAO sees itself as a grassroots democratic network with hubs all around the world. An important instrument is a jointly managed “solidarity fund”, where the members of the WorkersDAO put 20 % of their net gains in. The projects do not become the property of the WorkersDAO, but a separate company (GmbH, LLC, DAO etc.) in which the Working Group (WG), a 50/50 joint venture with the customers and the workers, and the WorkersDAO are represented. The property title of the project lies within the company. The voting rights are specified in the company contract and are not coupled as usual to the amount of the shares. Via the WG, the users manage their own responsibility. WG and WorkersDAO have parity in the company, so that sales or conversion are only possible by mutual agreement and can thus be prevented. Decisions such as work allocation, financing, salaries, etc. are in the context of economic efficiency exclusively the WG, so the people working for the company. The WorkersDAO is in turn owned by the entirety of the WGs. The highest organ are the WorkersDAO polls. Interactions within the WorkersDAOs will be managed through Aragon or similar platforms.


Companies in the workersDAO doesn’t have shareholders. There are only members. The amount of money someone pays doesn’t give him more or less say in the company. It is a membership where you have to invest a minimum amount to become a member and each member has one vote. Those who pay more get more access Tokens (products) in return. The structure of the companies in the WorkersDAO is a flat structure where each WG member has one vote like in an association and this is true for the WGs of the WorkersDAO as well.

The people who work for a company have a 50% say about the company because those are the people who know what is good for the company (good working environment) because they work in the company. The customer knows what s/he wants (better products) and is therefore also an important part of the company. Thats why the decision are split 50/50 between workers and customer. So the customers who are WG members have 50% say in the company and the workers who work for the WG have a 50% say as well. Each WG member has one vote. If a worker leaves the company then s/he automatically loses his / her voting right in the company. Only if s/he is a member in the workersDAO s/he can vote in the event the workers want to sell their company. In the case the company get sold a % of the money will go into the solidarity fund.

The concept of Holacracy plays an important part in the governance of the WorkersDAO. In Holacracy the authority of decisions lies in the roles itself someone has. So the customer has the customer role and the workers have the workers role and each have 100% authority of the decision in the role but if there a problems and a role doesn’t address the issue the people in the company can address this issue in the meetings ( tactical meetings and governance meetings). Holacracy has a clear structure which gives each person in a company a specific role with specific authority. Holacracy is a perfect fit for decentralised autonomous organisations. It has a clear structure how to address issues really effectively.


PlayersDAO is a Startup Incubator Platform, which helps Startups to create Businessplans and all necessary stuff to become a successful company by beaconing the Startups through the Player DAO Cycle (Idea 2 Planning 2 Execution). By entering the DAO Cycle, each startup will get its own Proof of Impact Fundraising campaign. This allows for crowdfunding pools to be awarded to the startups according to the outcome of real-world events.

Tokens (BTC, ETH, XLM, XRP, EOS, ADA, etc.) are also used to stake on the startups. By staking your tokens you increase the visibility for your favorite Startups. Startups with the most stake assigned to them will receive higher reputation/ranking on Player DAO. Reputation is calculated through many parameters like tokens staked, user reviews, comments, articles, activity, etc.

PlayersDAO is like Kickstarter where a WG presents a future product and if people like what they see, they can buy this future product via an access token for a discount (60%) depends how early they are. With the received funds the WG can develop the product. If you have more access tokens in a company you will get more from the products and services, but access tokens don’t imply voting rights.

A company is much more efficient if it can reinvest 100% of its net gains back into the company instead of giving % of the net gains (money) to shareholders. That’s why people who invest in a company will get access tokens (future product) as a return for their investment and not shares in a company.

Projects who wants to start a crowdfunding campaign need to be self sustaining which means making profits. They also need to choose a copyright / copyleft license between public domain license to open source/ GLP license to our workersDAO license which is an open source/ copyleft license exclusive for workersDAO members. Beyond that so more restrictions then the workersDAO license are not possible.


a WG starts a proof of impact crowdfunding campaign for a decentralized exchange (DEX).

people / future customers who like the idea want to invest in the idea in order to get the product. By investing in the idea you will get an accessToken which gives you access to the DEX services.

Let’s say 100,000 $ is needed in order to build the DEX. During the proof of impact crowdfunding there will be different offerings.

  1. offering (1.1.-1.2): 1.000 trades for 1$

  2. offering (1.2.-1.5): 800 trades for 1$

  3. offering (1.5. - 1.12): 600 trades for 1$

after the crowdfunding is over or the threshold is reached no more access tokens can be bought. Access tokens are bound to the buyer of the token and can only be used or sold back to the company for a 60% 40% or 20%, depending on the offering discount, over a period of time. By purchasing access tokens from a company the user/customer will become a member of the company after a certain threshold is reached. for example by purchasing 100 $ worth of access tokens.

If the service starts each trade and therefore each access token will have a market value (price) in completion with other DEXs prices out there.

Access Token

The access Token holds the access permission to a specific service or the ownership of a specific product of a company.


If Ethereum would be in the workersDAO ETH would be an access token for Ethereum. You woudn’t be able to trade, invest or hodl ETH. You would just buy ETH if you really need it not to speculate with it. This would help to keep the cost to use Ethereum as low as possible. The price of the access token like ETH will be determined by different parameters like cost of running the service , risks, development, degree of decentralization and so on. All those issues would be managed through the EthereumWG.

If Bitcoin would be in the workersDAO BTC would be an access token to transfer value in a secure way via the Bitcoin Network. No trading there as well.

But then what will be the money of the future?

I think the money of the future will be Impact , which is the value of an outcome .

Impact Points

Outcome is the work someone or a group does within a certain period of time. How much impact the outcome has will be determined by the value an outcome has which is determined by the community which is interested in this outcome. This community will rate the outcome by voting and commenting on it, they will experiance the outcome for a period of time and they will rate the importance of the impact(0-10). Through those actions/informations the outcome will get a certain value and therefore become an Impact. This Impact can be compared to other outcomes as well just by looking at the value an outcome has. The creator of an outcome will earn Impact points based on the value of his/her outcome.

1 Impact Point represents an outcome of 1 hour duration impact which is valued 100% positive (positive vote or positive comment) , is experianced/used by 1 Person and has an importance of 1.

Example Bitcoin:

Let’s say I am a bitcoin miner and I am providing a full node to secure the bitcoin blockchain. Other nodes are rating my work (positiv or negativ) weather the blocks I process are valid or not. Also it can be calculated how many people made use of the block I validate. And it can be calculated how long the blocktime of bitcoin is. Also I am validating with other nodes the same transaction so I share the Impact with the other nodes and therefore I will share the Impact Points with them as well. The importance of mining bitcoin in the bitcoin network will be determined by the people, who first decide the importance of Bitcoin for society (10 will be without it society will be gone and 0 would be it doesn’t metter at all) and then it will be determined how important the miners are for the bitcoin network (10 is essential and 0 doesent matter). So if bitcoin is 8 and miners are 10 then miners have an importance of 8. The total amount of points would be calculated like this:

duration of impact in hours (blocktime 10 min) * impacted people (3,030 transactions) * % of ownership (0.01% of miningpower) * % of positive rating (100%) *importance (8) = ammount of Impact Points (0.404)

Example Song:

I create a song and publish this song. Then you can calculate the value of the outcome (Income) like this:

duration of impact in hours (song duration 2.5 min) * impacted people (300,000 listners) * % of ownership (100% just me) * % of positive rating (85%) * importance (0.3) = ammount of Impact Points (3187.5)

Impact Points can only be earned within WGs.

Liking and commenting an outcome positive although the majority of the community dislike and negatively comment on the outcome will result in the loss of reputation which is an important parameter to get roles within the WorkersDAO companies. Liking and/or commenting on outcomes positive which the majority also like will increase your reputation. The earlier you upvote an outcome before anyone else the bigger your reputation reward the same is true for the opposite.

you can’t buy Impact Points, you can just earn or gift them. You can use your points by burning your Impact Points if you purchase a service or product in a workersDAO company.


To accomplish the Vision of the Workers-DAO and Add-Ons like Player DAO, community voluntarism is needed.

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HI @Mouyou, and welcome.

This seems to me a well sketched outline, of a potentially really powerful project - props.

So are you saying the Worker-DAO would be in many ways acting as a kind of mothership-DAO, with various satellite projects? I’d certainly consider a more modular approach as being most functional, rather than ‘singular’.

For me the next step would be to consider, say, exploring setting up one, or more, Rinkeby test DAO’s (e.g. to consider how and where best your conceptual approach maps onto these current practical tools (& you can experiment away without any initial costs). This’d be a fascinating Stage 2.

All the best with this, looks great so far…

Hi @Julian,
thank you very much for your reply!
So the Mothership DAO you can call it Mothership as well, I like it even more, is owned by all the members of the Mothership DAO. To become a member (single person) you need to give at least for example 100$ credit to a comapony. to become a member as a company you need to put a % (is open for discussion) of your revenue to the solidarity fund. So anybody can become a member of the Mothership DAO. The mothership dao is more like a association of companies. The mothersip DAO is open for anybody who wants to participate and build on this vision. This is a community project and I don’t have the expertise to do this on my own. I just copied the idea from other projects and combined it with other ideas. Nothing new.

This is an open source idea and I hope I can inspire people. I am very intersting in blockchain and how this technologie can help create better alternatives. I am not a coder and I am not familiar with setting up DAO’s.

I created a website with google sites :