Idea Aragon DAPP Marketplace

It would be nice if there is a marketplace for DAPPs in Aragon and a request marketplace for DAPPs also. So as a DAPP developer I could sell my DAPP on Aragon and other DAPPs can integrate my DAPP into their DAPP. For example the voting DAPP if I want to have this in my DAPP i can integrate it into my DAPP but for that I buy I license. So I could go into the Aragon DAPP Marketplace and buy all DAPPs I like and integrate it into a new DAPP with a new interface and when I don’t find a DAPP (Add-On) I want i can create a request for a DAPP with and fund it with some money and other people who like it can also fund it with money and in return i receive a share from the dapp so every time the dapp get bought i receive some money.

I would like to see Aragon creates its own Chain which is highly interoperable with as many chains as possible so all DAPPs can be bought and sold on Aragon. Also It would be nice if the DAPPs are loose from underlying blockchains so I as a developer can choose which blockchain I want to use for my DAPP so I can connect the DAPP to the blockchain that most fit my requirements.

I also like to see the possibility to stake ANT and receive Aragon services in return like getting all Aragon DAPPs for my DAO /DAPP. If I don’t need Aragon DAPPs anymore i don’t have to stake ANT.