I cannot finance my own DAO with my own token

I tried to make a deposit in the finance app of my DAO with my own token MYT which is created for rule that DAO. However it sent me an error as viewed on Etherscan .

Can someone tell me what is the reason about that error? Probably i haven’t verified the wallet for that token (MYT). But maybe would be something different…

How did you try to make the deposit?

Edit: Looks like an out of gas error, maybe you can try upping the gas limit to 700,000 and try again

Sure, maybe after deposit some cash into my wallet. I’m out of cash right now…

Sure, you can deposit some more ETH to your wallet and try again. I recommend having at least 0.1 ETH to start. BTW in case you did not know you can test our the Aragon client on testnet using test coins (“fake money”) at rinkeby.aragon.org. See the “Prerequisites” page in the Aragon Help Desk for more details: https://help.aragon.org/article/7-prerequisites