How to submit a proposal?

How to submit a proposal about the Aragon Governance DAO now after AGP-155?

Should the proposal be voted in Aragon Governance or in Aragon Network DAO?

With the approval of AGP-155 the AGP process has been sunset and no new proposals are being considered. A new proposal process will be ratified when Aragon Network governance is transferred from the current Governor Council to ANT holders in Phase 3 of the Aragon Network launch.

If approved, this proposal will sunset the current governance process as defined in AGP-1. In Phase 3 of the Aragon Network launch process, control of the Aragon Network DAO will be turned over from the initial governance council to ANT holders. ANT holders will then be able to vote on whether or not to adopt an Aragon Agreement that will define Aragon Network governance from then on.

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