How to make proposals to the Community Funding DAO

The AGP-10 Community Funding DAO is now live!

You can see the DAO, submit proposals, and vote with your ANT here:

(Original AGP discussion here.)

The proposal process is intentionally lightweight compared to AGP-1. Please follow each step below to create your CFDAO proposal:

  • Create a new thread here in the Community/CFDAO subsection of the forum titled “Funding proposal: proposal title”, replacing “proposal title” with your actual proposal title.

  • Put the content of your proposal in the first post on the thread. What you plan to do with the funds, what the specific deliverables are, when you plan to deliver them, etc. Discourse keeps a changelog of edits, but even so if you make changes to your proposal make a note of where and when changes are made for transparency’s sake, so ANT holders can follow along with the evolution of the proposal.

  • Give people a couple of weeks to discuss the proposal. If comments are generally supportive, then you can finalize your proposal. Fill out the invoice template with details about your proposal, replacing the example data with the real data related to your proposal. Paste a link to the completed invoice in your proposal forum post, or DM to @joeycharlesworth if you have any privacy concerns with regard to the personal information in the invoice. If you do not complete the invoice then the proposal will get rejected. You can message @joeycharlesworth with any questions you may have about the invoice.

  • Create a transfer from the Finance app of the DAO paying yourself to complete the deliverables in the proposal. Put a link to your proposal’s forum post in the reference field of the transfer so people know what the transfer is for.

  • Bonus: start doing work on the proposal deliverables before you make the Finance transfer, and share your progress in your proposal thread so ANT holders can tell you are serious. You’re probably more likely to have the proposal approved than if you haven’t contributed anything yet.

Tips for voters:

  • The vote duration in the Community Funding DAO a.k.a. “CFDAO” is one week. ANT holders can visit the CFDAO to see and vote on open proposals.

  • Go to the Notifications tab of your Global Preferences in the Aragon client to subscribe to email notifications whenever a new vote is started in the CFDAO. This way you know when to vote without having to remember to check.

Feedback? Questions? Hit the reply button, let’s talk about it.


This is good, I like it.

Hi all/@anteater,

As stated previously, this is a great proposal.

I have a question re perceived scope of the fund…

The Aragon Cooperative Autonomous Organisation generated an initial flurry of widespread awareness and activity but now requires some focused attention. I’ve suggested among our participants (& in other threads) applying to CFDAO to employ someone for 3 months, 2 days p.w. to production manage the project*. Rough plan would be to extend again for another 3 month term if deemed successful, then ideally expand & apply to become Nest, then Flock in 18 months or so.

I guess the 1st question is: Is this request for 7200DAI CF appropriate ?

Worth clearly stating - the role is to facilitate process & progress within the Cooperative. I envisage 1 day admin, 1 day research/outputs, keeping things moving along (which they currently aren’t), help organise members to making a start on the constitution, polling votes, and defining the bounds of the organisation.

The Aragon Coop’s value potential is actually vast – let’s make the most of what we (so nearly) have.

*full disclosure - I would be applying for the initial position


great Julian! I was thinking about less money than that, but yeah! why not 7.200.

As I have just stated in the Aragon Coop DAO - A Minimun Viable Manifesto (MVM), the funds should be moved to the Aragon Coop DAO, and then decide it allocation from there.

Let me know if you want me to help you out in making this funding proposal.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Hey Gustavo,

As mentioned in my follow-up post in the ‘MVM’ thread - transferring funds to the Coop and then deciding on allocation is, for me, not in the spirit of the CFDAO. We can propose a consensus vote on who should take this role and it’s initial scope but first it requires some community signalling from the forum that our approach is supported (or not:) IMO.

I would have a hard time supporting a proposal for 7200 DAI from the CFDAO as that is over half of its quarterly budget at the moment. Perhaps breaking it into 6-week chunks might be a better starting point?

Also I agree with @sepu85 that I don’t think there is any problem with proposing the funds go to the Coop and then are used to compensate coop contributions. AFAIK there are not really any strict restrictions on what sort of proposals are allowed in the CFDAO so pretty much anything is fair game.

Kk, fair enough (I did say 2 days p.w. for 3 months in the initial post:)

My reading of the proposal for not just asking for some cash…

But ok :slight_smile: happy to go with what works best… as one of my mentors is often heard to say, “let’s build it and see what it does.”

Right, anything that can get the support of ANT holders is eligible. Without commenting on the specific idea being proposed here (that discussion is better suited for its own thread) I would also not support a proposal that took up ~half of the DAO’s quarterly budget unless there was an out-sized ROI potential.

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Reimbursement request for consideration :mailbox_with_mail:: Open, ESQ LLC (Hybrid Aragon Organization)


Is there a process similar to this on the forum for projects that may cost too much to fit within the 12,500 DAI budget for the CFDAO? Is it worth creating a #nest tag for projects that are seeking community feedback before formally applying to Nest? Thanks!

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@pcowgill just saw this, sorry for the delay. Nest is the closest thing, and there isn’t a tag for that but you are welcome to start one. If you have questions about the Nest process at all including when is the best time to create an issue in the Nest repo @LouisGrx can help with this.


Hey @pcowgill,
Sorry for the delay indeed!
You can very well create a forum thread asking for feedback from the community. However, note that Nest grants are distributed at the discretion of the Aragon Association (and not voted by the community). So another option is to directly submit your proposal in the issue tab of the Nest repository. That’s where the AA will review it and provide you feedback to move forward or close it. Hope I answered some of your questions


I went ahead and created votes to upgrade the voting, vault, and finance apps in the community funding DAO for the 0.7 release. I figured I would post here so if anyone watching the org notices the votes they will have context.


At @burrrata’s suggestion, this topic has been pinned in a new Community Funding DAO subcategory.


Not sure if this only requires the efforts of one person, but I would love to help out.

I like the idea for the Aragon Coop DAO. I’ve done extensive research on cooperatives (non-crypto), DAOs, tokenized incentives, proper valuation of work, etc. I have a step-brother who manages a large successful cooperative in the US. Been in crypto since 2014, mostly in fundraising and advising roles.

Let me know if you need assistance. Cheers.


Are you saying here that you would like to help teams/projects in the community building CFDAO projects, that you’d like to help create and/or organize DAO designs and templates for various use cases, or something else entirely? Asking because there’s opportunities for all that and more, but not sure what your interests are :slight_smile:

Everything you mentioned above sounds interesting to me!

I am relatively new here and not familiar with the way things are done or the culture. So maybe I should just offer my skills wherever needed. No brain surgery for now. :sweat_smile:

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Awesome! :slight_smile:

Currently there’s no easy way to get involved with CFDAO stuff, but we’d like to change that! A few ways to contribute:

  • help organize the current CFDAO projects (cat herding)
  • help design a harder, better, faster, stronger CFDAO (in progress)
  • find a CFDAO team working on something you’re really excited about and ask them how you can help (the 1Hive CFDAO team working on Conviction Voting has a lot of open Issues that could use some love)

Regarding engaging with the broader Aragon ecosystem as large… that’s also complicated. Currently there’s a big gap between community contributors and full time contributors. We’d like to help make the process of learning about and contributing to Aragon more organic. This is what the CFDAO, CRDAO, and Working Groups are for.

Speaking of the CRDAO, you’re nominated! Congratulations and welcome to the Aragon community :cowboy_hat_face:

Regarding Working Groups, there’s a bunch of them. Some are more organized than others, but they all need your help.

  • If you’re into helping teams realize their cool ideas, the NestDAO WG and/or the CFDAO WG might be a good fit. The NestDAO WG is currently only for members, but there’s an application thread here. CFDAO WG does not exist yet, but we could start it to explore ideas on how to make it easier for people to go from idea => cool thing.
  • If you’re into thinking and research, the StrategyWG might be a good fit. The current focus is on stakeholder research to better understand the sentiments and needs of Aragon developers, users, and investors. Lots of talking to users and writing reports.
  • If you’d like to be a user and provide product teams feedback, the UserFeedbackWG might be a good fit. It’s kind of on the back burner right now, but if you wanted to get involved there’s lots of apps coming down the pipeline that will need user testing ASAP.

Beyond all that, there’s lots of random stuff here on the forum that you can weigh in on. Also there’s lots of teams like 1Hive that are set up to welcome contributors and make it easy to get involved.

EDIT: there’s probably a bunch of stuff I’m forgetting here too. @LouisGrx as our resident expert on Aragon stakeholder engagement, how else might one get involved and contribute to the Aragon universe?

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Hey hey,

Think that your walkthrough was nice and comprehensive @burrrata :slight_smile:

The UserFeedbackWG could be a great first step @Amazongirl. Very curious to understand what could help you get familiar with Aragon more quickly! If you feel like it, jump into the chat to share your early experience navigating Aragon products or ecosystem (forum, website…) :wink:

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