How to install a new instance of aragon Tokens app in an organisation?


We have recently initiated an Aragon organisation and everything is nice but once we wanted to add a new Instance of Tokens app, I cannot do that.

Can anybody let me know how I can add a new instance of Tokens App.
Because we need 3 more Tokens App.


Hi there! You could try either of these methods:

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On 1hive when I enter my organisation name and my apps loaded, including Tokens, There is no “Tokens” app listed on the next list to install.

cc @lkngtn - is it expected that the Tokens app cannot be installed from

Yes it is expected, each application that gets added to the installer requires some specific tweaking and assumptions for how it would be installed and Tokens has not been added at this point.

Right now the installer is generally targeted at installing applications that add features (token request, redemptions, payroll, agent, transactions) to some of the existing templates like Reputation/Company/Membership. For more complicated governance flows I recommend using the CLI to have full control over how things are installed and initialized.

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Thanks guys,
So the 1hive solution go out.
Now on CLI way I recieved this:

aragon dao install 0xDC3941af640…522EE8752c65C6B4Ac5C token-manager --use-frame --app-init none
Fetching token-manager.aragonpm.eth@latest
× Get Repo
→ [ethjs-rpc] rpc error with payload {“id”:1592257003032,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“params”:[{“to”:“0x”,“data”:"0x3b3b57de6
Checking installed version
Deploying app instance
Fetching deployed app
× [ethjs-rpc] rpc error with payload {“id”:1592257003032,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“params”:[{“to”:“0x”,“data”:“0x3b3b57de6b2…c99f028a61c811b3b1a3343b6ff635985c75c91f”},“latest”],“method”:“eth_call”} null

Now what should I do?

The last error solved by adding “dao ipfs start” in separate terminal.
after that I receieved another error:

aragon dao install 0xDC3941af…2EE8752c65C6B4Ac5C token-manager --app-init none --use-frame --environment aragon:mainnet
√ Fetching token-manager.aragonpm.eth@latest
√ Fetching token-manager.aragonpm.eth@latest
√ Checking installed version
Deploying app instance
× Executing newAppInstance(bytes32,address,bytes,bool) on 0xDC3941af64088…2EE8752c65C6B4Ac5C
→ CONNECTION ERROR: Couldn’t connect to node on WS.
Fetching deployed app
× CONNECTION ERROR: Couldn’t connect to node on WS.

any help to solve this is welcome

for record I document my path, now I understood that I need to set Web Socket, so I need to set WS to my infura, but where is located arapp.json in windows? what other parameters need to be set in it?