How to deploy an app in a subdirectory?

npm start for my project produces:

  ❯ Create Organization
    ✖ Create new DAO from template
      → Returned error: execution error: revert

Apparently, it is because "deploy:rpc": "npm run deploy:apps:rpc" is not run and thus the app I refer to from my contract is not deployed, so it tries to deploy an unexisting app. How to make deploy:apps:rpc run before the attempt to create new DAO from template? for an example code.

I try to put multiple app packages (managed by Lerna) into one repository and deploy them all by the template.

Hi @vporton, this error is probably a problem during the execution of the newInstance function in your template. I recommend simplifying the function (removing parameters, logic) until you don’t have the error anymore, and then gradually add back logic until you can clearly spot the problem. Let me know if you need help :slight_smile: