how to create governance for token owners with a tree associated with the client token or governance

Hello, I have just completed the registration of the Aragon Ambassador Program, since I have a couple of projects that I would like to be able to implement and I need help, one of them is a humanitarian aid foundation, a foundation that we are happy and the other is the one that But I am interested in knowing how to implement it, since I already have a company of natural products from Chile.

This company wants to reduce the carbon footprint and that users can participate in it…

The central issue is that I need to know if I should do it with the client or governance option… I was thinking that interested people offer a company token at a fixed price… and that price be the value of planting a tree.

after that… the person already with your token and their tree can do governance with all the token owners and in the community we make proposals of places to plant but also give the option for the community to participate in said process…

I would like to have some help with this topic, I speak Spanish and now I am writing from the translator… I would appreciate any kind of help… since they are asking me for a quote and I would not like to do things wrong, I want to know What do I need for it and how much capital should I have… after this and now understanding everything much more, continue generating new projects… now in particular I would like help with this… how can I deal with it,. I’m a computer scientist, and I’m not a developer, hugs from Chile, and thank you very much for everything

thank you

Guillermo Muñoz