How to Create DAO for Investment Shares in an Artwork?

Hi all, I’m hoping to build a DAO that helps artists to raise money from investors before creating their artworks. Investors will purchase shares in the proposed artwork, similar to investments in a company. For example, an artist hoping to raise money for a proposed artwork may issue out four equal shares, with each share denominated by a token - let’s just call it “share token”. Investors buy these share tokens, thus funding the artist. The artist cannot access the investor’s payments until the required amount is fully funded, and if it is not fully funded by a certain date, the invested amount will be returned to investors. The share token stipulates how much investors should be rewarded (Eg. reward each investor with X ether for each unit of sale as at “contract date”). The artist then commercializes/ sells the proposed artwork in some manner. On the contract date, the artist will voluntarily declare the total number of sales and the amount of reward due to investors. The artist will pay the required amount out of their wallet directly into the wallets of the investors, and simultaneously, a confirmation will be sent to the DAO and the DAO’s underlying contract will be terminated.

I know there’s a lot of complicated features here, but just wondering how much of it can be built with Aragon? I’m not sure if Aragon’s fundraiser solution allows for investment returns to be paid back to investors? I list below a summary of some of the main features, would be great to know how many of these can be achieved with Aragon, thank you!

  • token shares, whereby investors receive fractional nfts or a share of something.
  • funding threshold, whereby if the amount raised doesn’t reach the required level, funds will be automatically sent back to investor’s wallets
  • payment of investment returns, which is actioned by the investee (artist). Payments will automatically go to the wallets of each investor.
  • if the investee’s payments meet the required investment returns, the DAO will be terminated.