How to call people to participate in my project?

I have started this project. See why this project is extremely important.

I already submitted a pull request with an Aragon project proposal, but I want to make people participate (volunteering) as early as possible.

How to advertise this project to other developers?

I still don’t understand this court system or why it is a good idea. It seems like its a UBI thing which is cool but fails to consider a lot of issues as well as totaly skirting the economics of what is involved

A decision of a court may be endorsed or not endorsed by somebody. We endorse good decisions and don’t endorse things like the patent for a wheel in Australia.

  • what makes a decition good or bad?
  • what incentives are there to come to ‘good’ decitions?
  • what relation (if any) does it have with the Aragon court system (Aragon Network)?

We also should create some kind of a directed graph of courts, so that a decision of one court could be automatically endorsed by another one. To confirm a transaction one needs to provide a path in the graph of courts. Very simple.

  • why is this desirable?
  • what is a transaction in this context?

The thing that a court can do is to add an arbitrary amount of money (a COURT or LAW or REWARD or JUSTICE token) to somebody’s wallet.

  • what gives this ‘money’ any value?
  • you mentioned in your nest propsal that the money comes out of ‘thin air’, why would anyone want it?

We could also want courts to subtract (fine), but it’s impossible because the money could be transferred to a secret account to avoid paying a fine. Also selective fining would create inequality among cheaters, and it seems that most of the population of the world are cheaters, so such selective fining would create inequality in the world. So, in my opinion, this system should only reward and never fine.

that isn’t the only reason fines are impossible, any blockchain baised protocol is opt-in by the nature of the technology. you cannot compel anyone to pay a fine without them already having stake in the system in the first place.

Now I want to pay a sum of crypto like $100 billion to Linus Torvalds and or his organization Linux Foundation for their work, I want to pay to myself for my math discoveries, etc.

It seems possible to do, just need to develop an Ethereum smart contract. I need to find time for this free of my “main” job.

  • if i want to pay Linus $100 billion, what incentive do I have to use your court? why do i not just pay him?

you dont need to just develop the contract, you need to figure out all these questions. How exactily do people participate (volunter) in your project? and what is it you want the developers to do?

UBI is just one of possible applications of my “courts”. And UBI in my system can be done in another way (like poviding people rights rather than “usual” money.)

My system is a good idea, because it is the only way we have to compensate these who have too little money for any reason. We know very well that other means do not work!

I can’t provide an exact definition of a good decision. Good decisions are just, effective, endorsed by the democracy.

There are two incentives to come to a good decisions: 1. the desire to do good; 2. the desire of the judges for their court currencies to be raised and traded by others.

No relation with Aragon court system, I think.

We need a directed multigraph of courts, because courts should not acts in isolation, but interoperate. For example, the decisions of the supreme court would be automatically endorsed by districtc courts, and sometimes viceversa. Or we can have a court for any inventions that would endorse decisions of another court just for software inventions.

Transaction in this context is transferring a token from one wallet to another wallet with changing the token;'s court (and consequently changing the token ID). It is like a 1-1 currency conversion.

The value of my money is based on valuing justice in the society and also on the “DogeCoin effect” (giving value to any numbers on accounts).

Yes, BitCoin numbers also appear out of nowhere.

I don’t have a few trillions to allocate $100 billion to Linux from my personal money. But I have the source code of my contract to do this by crypto.

I want these things:

  • test my contract for correctness and reliability
  • develop voting contract(s) that would call my contract
  • develop the UI for voting
  • do publishing/outreach.

Volunteers! Let’s save the world.