How can I use the Agent to call a function on a smart contract?

I asked on the Decentraland #dao discord channel, but I think it may be better to ask here.

I’ve installed Frame and the Frame Chrome Extension. I’ve followed the Agent tutorial up to the point it’s “ready to be used”. How can I use it now? Any ideas? I’ve set up the agent for the Decentraland DAO (dcl.eth), agent address 0x9a6ebe7e2a7722f8200d0ffb63a1f6406a0d7dce, and I’d like to call on the release function of the vesting contract at 0x7a3abf8897f31b56f09c6f69d074a393a905c1ac, to transfer MANA to the Decentraland DAO. What should I do next? The tutorial ended there and I’m new to the Frame interface. Thanks!

Hey @maraoz! Welcome to the Aragon Forum :slight_smile: Have you seen this guide?

You could use that method to interact with a contract via a GUI built for the contract or even just using the Etherscan “write contract” interface.

hey John! Yeah, that’s the guide I used to get this far :slight_smile:

The problem is, I only see these two options on Etherscan’s “write contract” interface:

Which option should I use? (Metamask connects to Metamask, not Frame, and WalletConnect gives me a QR code)

Hmm I thought Frame worked with Etherscan, either something changed or I am not remembering correctly. Sorry about that! Guess we’ll have to make a feature request to Etherscan to support generic Web3 connections :smile:

What you can still do is use the Aragon Console or aragonCLI to issue the act command to perform an action using the Agent:

I made it!

I used this arcane tool: which worked OK with Frame. whew! :sweat_smile:

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