How Aragon DAOs can empower and enhance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Shared Value (CSV)

Example from Nestle’s corporate social value (CSV) initiative:
"Nestlé needs high-quality raw materials to produce first-class dairy products. When they entered the market in India in the Moga district in 1962, local farmers were not able to consistently deliver this quality. Only 180 farmers passed the test. Nestlé worked with local farmers to improve their production techniques and long-term contracts to buy products at a fair price.

Today there are 75,000 farmers that reach Nestlé’s quality standards. In the Moga region, they have five times more doctors than other regions of India, better primary schools and basic needs like electricity are fulfilled."

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What could an Aragon DAO have done for Nestle’s project?

  • Farmers could have been invited to join a Nestle-organized DAO.

  • Reputation tokens could have enabled farmers to increase their reputation by passing tests on production techniques and quality control, meeting milestones on dairy production, and helping other farmers improve their standards and reach target objectives.

  • Reputation tokens could have been redeemed for monetary rewards earmarked for this program by Nestle.

  • One reputation token = 1 voting token. Farmers with voting tokens could have decided how to spend donated funds, such as for a joint dairy processing plant or dairy equipment, improving the supply chain, or donating surplus milk to needy families in the Moga district.

  • DAO Consultants could have been retained by Nestle to provide DAO-related advice or manage DAO implementation. :grin:

  • 1Hive incubator could have offered seed funding to farmer-entrepreneurs, with initial seed funds provided by Nestle.

  • Aragon Association could have acted as fiscal sponsor and provided financial management and disbursement of program funds.

Does this all seem farfetched to ya’ll or within the realm of near-future possibilities? :smiley:


I have been thinking about this sort of stuff for a long time - I think it is too late for this sort of approach - The World’s Sixth Mass Extinction is very likely unstoppable now . . but we still need to press on and DAOs are part of the survival strategy - no matter how unlikely that might be . .

Thanks for posting - very interesting!


This part seems totally on point. In the case of minting reputation for passing tests, those who administer the tests would be the trust bottleneck. If everyone was happy with that, however, then it would work.

Not sure about the incubator investments as that would require an incubator that specializes in argo-impact type work - not just a DAO team/incubator. Also, still not sure about the fiscal sponsor part. Aragon exists to provide open source DAO infrastructure and services, not fiscal sponsorship/funding. This part would likely require another entity that exists to serve that need.

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It is probably unfortunate that you chose Nestle as the example - the corp has done some terrible things in the past . . or is that why you DID choose it? ie how the organisation might have avoided some of their bad choices . .

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This is exactly what I thought when I first read the post, LOL. I appreciate the idea, but Nestle is evil. I’m not into this for helping them clean their image. I’m here to make them irrelevant.

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I was thinking more about the farmers and the difference a DAO would have made in that scenario, than Nestle or any specific company.


Great idea! I spoke with the manager from Impact Hub Lisbon who works with corporates and he was very impressed by this idea. He asked to make short presentation that he can show to several big companies in Portugal to promote DAOs for Corporate Social Responsibility programs


@MikeAnanyin That’s awesome! :smiley:

Getting companies/impact organizations to implement DAOs for achieving specific objectives, even though confined to a limited scope initially, or perhaps approached as pilot projects of an experimental nature, would really turbo-charge mainstream adoption.

Seeing how well or poorly DAOs work in the real world would provide a much needed continual feedback loop to optimize for mainstream/large scale usage.


I love it.
This is important for lot of farmers today. A community company. Today big money owns lots of farmland and spray lots of pesticide on it. Small organic farms have a very hard time to survive. With the help of a DAO like you described each organic farm can join this DAO so they can have a greater chance to compete with big money. they could do. marketing campaigns together. they could share products. they could lend each other money. they could raise funds together. they could enhance their supply chain (transportation, stores, online retail etc.)

I think this could become a DAO template / dApp so communities can faster create such DAOs and those DAOs then can also connect with other such DAOs through the dApp


This is interesting . . I moved out of the Big City (Sydney) five years ago to a little rural / farming town - it would be good to do something like you describe around here but I suspect it would be a struggle to even describe what the idea is to people . .


Imagine like a Your Body Loves Organic campaign. One small organic farm may have a very limited marketing budget. Imagine if 1000 independently owned organic farms around the world belonged to a DAO and pooled resources together to hire the finest advertising firm and most talented viral marketing people to get the word out and maximize awareness.

On their DAO page they could list the ways that consumers could earn loyalty tokens and get special pricing. There could be a global directory of all the organic farms so consumers could find them. Consumers could redeem their tokens or sell them to other buyers who could use them to get discounts or free stuff.

The DAO, as an organized and powerful front, could also receive corporate support, such as from a major eco-friendly packaging supplier, in the form of a monthly financial contribution which meets their CSR/CSV objectives.


Lots of great ideas there again AG! I will contact my old Tai Chi teacher who has an organic farm not too far from here and see if I can have any success explaining the idea to him - he is Chinese and his English is not great but he has tertiary-educated adult children who might be able to get involved in the discussions too . .

I was going to catch up with him about more Tai Chi stuff anyway . . actually now that I think about it, I think he has some government deal where foreign students come and work on his farm to fullfil visa requirements or something - a world-wide DAO would spread the word even better . .

I will also contact this farm which is also not too far from me:

Sounds great!

If the DAOs you work with are paying bills in Australia, they can use LivingRoomOfSatoshi to pay their bills with DAI, ETH, TUSD, BTC, etc. to vendors in the real world. The service exchanges the crypto into fiat and pays the vendor via BPAY or any Australian bank account.

Thus the DAO can collect contributions in crypto and pay its expenses in crypto as well. while still being able to do business with main street merchants that don’t accept crypto directly.


V interesting - I will have a closer look at that!

Here comes amazing news! Here in Lisbon, Portugal, some members of Impact community are going to deploy vertical farming project based on solutions like
And they would like to implement it with Aragon DAO!!! Will share with you more news and details about it, it’s directly connected to my proposal and research, so will take some time, but its really happens!)