HelpDAO App

would it be possible to convert this app into an aragon app so daos can install it and join a help dao alliance they want to work for. then they can install the dao profile app so people know who they are and the finance app and perhaps each dao alliance can have its own bonding curve token the people who donate get tokens with which they can vote on the action the alliance should take next.

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It can be integrated using Agent app, can’t it?
oh, I see, it’s already implemented as Aragon DAO. So do you mean to make an app with mechanics of adding local squads?

something like this.

daos can create new help alliance and join alliances. each alliance is its own dao with apps they need.

help daos are the equivalent to non profit companies. so DAOs can support help DAOs (help alliances) with funds to improve their social score rating. I think DAOs will have lots of ratings i think impact rating will be important and by supporting a help DAO you can increase your score.

so maybe it’s better to have UI modification with suggestions bar from the Aragon Association, like HelpDAO, so when user is entering his DAO he can choose this option under his current apps and see the info about it with links to existed DAOs and also to the DAO template.
Then in case of other situation and other emerging DAOs that suggestion bar can be modified according to the situation.
but I see a corruption vector when the space in suggestion bar can be sold to 3rd party, so I think that suggestion app that can be modified according to the voting. what do you think?

where to have UI modification? what is the suggestions bar from the aragon association?

so the last idea was that this suggestion bar could be an app where community can vote for different DAOs being visible

so your idea is to be able to put links to other DAOs in the left control bar?

My question is wether it makes sense to convert DAOs/DAPPs like the HelpDAO or Uniswap into aragon Apps so all DAOs just have to install the app / extension and can use the DAO/DAPP within Aragon.

for example if i would build a bridge between aragon and uniswap with the agent can i convert it to an app so they don’t have to build the bridge again.

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yeah, with a possibility to join the DAO or create a new one from the template.

Finally I got it!!! Sorry, I was overthinking the subject and missed your point :upside_down_face: Yes, I agree, that sounds good - integration of the Ethereum Dapps with Agent => simplified design. And it might be a bounty program for the each integrated app.

yes i agree that would be nice to be able to fork daos. so you can search for DAOs in the upper left corner and go on settings of the DAO and fork it

yes people/dapps can post bounties to create such aragon apps but still perhaps its very few work to convert an agent connection into an App. I have no clue.