Help Desk content is now mirrored on GitHub

A few All Aragon Devs calls ago (ok more than a few :wink: ) it was suggested that user guide content could be mirrored on GitHub so that it can be collaboratively edited even though the content on can only be edited by a centralized paid account.

So with the latest Aragon 0.8 Camino documentation complete, I have now also mirrored all content from Help Desk articles to GitHub:

How weโ€™re managing sync between the two is mentioned in the readme:

After a pull request that fixes documentation is merged, the maintainer(s) will copy the content over so that the documentation stays up to date. Changes made on Help Scout directly should also be copied over to this repository by the author and submitted as a pull request for review.

So itโ€™s done manually for now. I expect changes to be low-volume so this should be fine.