Growth Team Proposal

Not sure this is the right place but since you are discussing Telegram I can give this a go - will the same team managing Telegram fix the forum or is there another team? It is difficult to navigate and the pinned post is from 2019

Hi @Anthony.Leuts , apologies for the very late reply, need to get better at checking messages here. Our moderator on Telegram, @Phero is on the channel throughout the day, and replies pretty promptly to questions and DMs. He says that, though it varies widely, between replies, DMs, posting on the channel as well as researching other channels, he is on there perhaps 1 to 2hours a day, so between 5 to 10 hours per week. We would like to discuss with you how we can align all social media moderator efforts with those of the AA to increase the value to the network, I will DM you to arrange.

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