Growth Team Proposal

Hi @fartunov ,

Thank you for your message. We have just started to build out processes and procedures for each growth channel and deliverable, and I have added your suggestion to remove deleted accounts monthly.

The 2 audiences we had intended to communicate with for questionnaires were DAO builders and our community and social media followers in general. Unfortunately, while the first few surveys that were made had one of these 2 target groups in mind, no process was followed, thus the results were sub-par and we only published 2, including the language survey, and the number of respondents was not statistically relevant. We have since developed a process to follow and we expect to have some better refined surveys out this month. Here is the link to the notion page we have for surveys - Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

What are you referring to by a link to the weeklies, do you mean our weekly meetings? If so, all agendas and minutes are kept here - Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

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By weeklies I mean the newsletters.

2/3 approved

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Season 1 Reporting - June 2022

@daniel-ospina @lee0007 @fartunov


Funding Request Total ($12,055)

  • Amount for core contributors ($10,000)
  • Coordinape Circle ($1,655)
  • Bounties ($400)
  • USDC 90%
  • ANT 10%
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Great work growth team 1/3 approved cc @Ricktik6


@MathiasAragon I did not receive a notification for @lee0007 tags used here or on the umbrella post both posted by @fmurphy, maybe just a glitch?

Now worried I might be missing multiple notifications?

Only picked these up via mobile which shows the latest topics and saw unread messages under ESD proposals

These tags should be showing at the top of notifications is it just me @daniel-ospina @fartunov or is there like a time delay on notifications? ESD have KPI for response times, sans notifications when tagged it would be hard to deliver on those.

Thank you @lee0007

approved 2/3 :slight_smile:


Thank you @fmurphy for this report.

While I appreciate all the work the team is doing it is necessary to challenge some aspects to avoid complacency. It seems like the report is “list everything we spent time on”, as opposed to focusing on the impact we brought. Namely:

What does moderating Twitter mean?

Are you stating the growth in the Twitter following of the Aragon Project account (managed by the AA growth team) is attributed to the guild instead?

Is this being discontinued in light of the Eagle? If this is to be continued, please coordinate with AA growth team. Not sure who the intended audience is, but as an active network contributor I find this very diluted. The cross-guild tldr table is a much better place to stay up to speed in terms of information structure

Not a deliverable, this is what you do to ship deliverables

Hey @fartunov ,

Sorry for the delay in replying, I have not been paying enough attention to the Forum which I need to get better at.

By Twitter moderation I mean replying to comments to our tweets where necessary, answering private messages and notifications which are starting to increase to about 1-3 a day. We are also adding channel outreach to moderator duties which we have started over the past 2 weeks, reaching out to similar community channels.

I am by no means attributing growth in the AragonProject account to Growth, and if you feel including it in my EOM report gives that impression, I will remove it. The reason I added it is because we are planning on repurposing the AragonDAO twitter account in S02 to focus on governance topics, proposals, voting and DAO guild updates and are working with Comms on a process to share responsibilities.

The Growth Team newsletter has been discontinued and the Eagle is being co-authored by 2 Growth Team contributors (Lucas and Ellis) and Samantha. I have suggested a link to the cross-guild TLDR be included in the Eagle for next week.

Understood re coordination meetings not being deliverables, I will leave this out of future EOM reports.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

Thank you for the added context - it is much appreciated!
While it has passed already for the record 3/3.

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Growth Team End of Season 1 Report

@lee0007 @fartunov @daniel-ospina

Initial Funding Total: $55,000

Core Contributors: $46,000

Bounty Funding: $4,500

Coordinape: $4,500

Final Expenditure Total:

Core Contributors: $34,500

Bounty Funding: $5,400 ($3,000 pending funding request, will process before 15th Aug once deliverables are received)

Coordinape: $4,500

Original Deliverables

Additional Deliverables

Deliverables Not Executed

  • Attract Intermediate Builders, coordinate campaign with AA/AN DAO - Short 3 month season with new team did not provide sufficient time to plan such a campaign. Team assisted with promoting other campaigns ie. DAO Experts, AMA’s, dGov


  • 1st content bounty articles x3 - Completed - 5th June 2022 $1200
  • Layer3 Contests x3 - Completed - 31st July 2022 $450
  • DAO Tooling and Education Survey Bounty - In Progress - 15th August 2022 $600
  • 2nd content bounty articles x3 - In Progress - Due for completion 15th August $2400
  • Reddit Moderating bounty - Completed - 25th July 2022 $750

Thank you to everyone involved, especially the Growth team core contributors for your efforts and dedication during the season, it has been a pleasure working with you all. Finally, thank you to all members of the ESD for your support throughout the season, particularly Renee for your invaluable advice. I am available for any questions and am able to provide any additional details that may be requested.


@fmurphy your caring, supportive and endearing (maybe the accent) leadership empowered a great team of contributors S1. I am sorry that you have faced reducing the growth teams contributor numbers and I am proud of you for the pivot to join Community. As the only S1 proposal author that sought input from the ESD I thank you for making my job easier. Communication, can not be underrated in a DAO. I also understand that at S1 proposal time we were advised of S1 Aragon App Launch, so the one deliverable that was not completed was to be expected, as we do not yet have an app to attract intermediate builders.

1/3 Approve cc @Ricktik6

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Thanks mate! 2/3 approved cc @Ricktik6

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Side question - every time I check the TG channel it is all noise, no signal. To clarify, the only meaningful messages in there are the ones put up by the guild. I am sure my 10 min per day are not a representative sample.
To understand if it makes sense to keep maintaining that communication channel could the guild please share their perspective of the value of Telegram - has anything useful transpired in there in your perspective, or should we just focus more on Discord and unwind TG?

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3/3 cc @Ricktik6

Hi @fartunov , through the amplification of AN DAO news, events, governance updates, contests and answering follower questions, we have been steadily growing the channel throughout S01.

With that organic growth we have more people being referred to Discord, more people inquiring about jobs, including developers and lots of partnership requests, though most to-date have been from exchanges looking to list ANT. I agree that there has been noise, though the team have done a great job reducing this and clearing spam messages quickly. We also hope to foster more natural conversations about DAO’s and encourage followers to engage more this season.

Thus I feel there is value in continuing to moderate this channel, though we are open to any suggestions on how we can improve the value to Aragon?


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Thank you! You see potential there, and I trust your judgment - sounds reasonable to give it another season and see if it’s worth maintaining. Do you have ideas around what would be a benchmark outcome to validate the hypotheses - e.g. integrations/partnerships built, DAOs built, leads hired, proposals launched?

To a certain extent maintaining some platforms creates first glance legitimacy and protection.

@fmurphy how many hours are dedicated per week to tg?

Would like to see some benchmarks if we are trying to actually grow the tg vs. maintain it.

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Not sure this is the right place but since you are discussing Telegram I can give this a go - will the same team managing Telegram fix the forum or is there another team? It is difficult to navigate and the pinned post is from 2019

Hi @Anthony.Leuts , apologies for the very late reply, need to get better at checking messages here. Our moderator on Telegram, @Phero is on the channel throughout the day, and replies pretty promptly to questions and DMs. He says that, though it varies widely, between replies, DMs, posting on the channel as well as researching other channels, he is on there perhaps 1 to 2hours a day, so between 5 to 10 hours per week. We would like to discuss with you how we can align all social media moderator efforts with those of the AA to increase the value to the network, I will DM you to arrange.

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