Growth Team Proposal

ESD Funding Request: Growth Team Proposal

@lee0007 @daniel-ospina @fartunov

We request the Executive Sub DAO to fund $55,000 for Season 1 (April 1st - July 31st) for the development and operations of the Growth Team. We believe this Growth proposal will help AN DAO:

  • Increase the number of followers across all social media channels
  • Raise awareness of Aragon products, DAO events, and the AN DAO community
  • Engage and inform our community through repeatable, scalable communications
  • Drive new community, contributors and intermediate builders to Discord
  • Develop marketing and communications talent and share our learning knowledge to support the growth of the Aragon network
  • Coordinate with AN DAO and the Aragon Association to ensure strategic alignment
    with organisational objectives

1. Rationale

S1 Organisation/Structure
During Season 0 the Growth Team formed around Social Media Bounty Holders and has taken concrete steps towards improving user engagement, promoting interest in the Aragon project, driving attendance for events within discord, and growing follower numbers across channels. Building on the momentum of season 0, we seek to structure and develop the Growth Team by applying Agile concepts and frameworks to

  • clarify ownership, roles, and responsibilities and
  • establish clear objectives, metrics, and accountability for tasks

All defined goals/deliverables have been discussed and agreed upon by the team. To enable transparency, inspection, and adaptation for our planned activity. We will work in sprints - including progress, review, and retrospective meetings.

The Growth Team will operate under the Operations Guild, aspiring to become a separate guild from season 2, depending on season 1 performance.

S1 Objectives
AN DAO’s ability to raise awareness and engage community members and contributors requires a functioning and agile Growth Team to manage communication and engage audiences on platforms including Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Medium, and Quora.

To develop the current contributors into an effective and efficient social media team we plan to develop the current skills of contributors to allow for cross-channel moderation and deepen the team’s knowledge of Aragon products and community, to share this knowledge with our social media followers.

With each moderator working on a new channel each month, the entire team will have exposure to all channels by end of the season, ensuring knowledge sharing and strengthening the team skill base for long-term success

Developing the skills of team members across social media channels should set the foundations for a more knowledgeable and flexible contributor base, capable of adapting to change quickly and increasing overall value to the AN DAO.

Finally, in coordination with AN DAO and the Aragon Association, we plan to develop and execute cross-channel coordinated social media campaigns that1) increase our followers 2) drive community engagement, and 3) attract intermediate builders to the DAO and Aragon products.

2. Deliverables


Objective Deliverable Due Baseline Target
Raise Awareness Increase # of Reddit Channel Users by 6% 31-Jul 3,697 3,919
Increase Followers Grow the number of @AragonDAO Twitter followers by 2562 31-Jul 438 3,000
Engage Community Bi-weekly surveys and competitions to better connect with potential developers 31-Jul 0 12

This is a very high-level look at the metrics applied to the growth function further detail on growth metrics here - Growth Team S1 Reporting Metrics


  • Efficient Team: Establish a monthly posting calendar by the 1st of each month to guide routine activity
  • Effective Team: Create social media communication, training, and resources manual by the end of season
  • Knowledge Sharing: Bi-weekly DAO or Aragon specific article posted on all channels and new Aragon Medium and Quora channels
  • Team Development: Monthly rotation of social moderators
  • Attract Intermediate Builders: Campaign Coordination for AA <> AN DAO marketing campaigns


  • Monthly Reporting
  • Monthly Community Call
  • Weekly Teams Meetings

3. Strategic Alignment

  1. We will work with the Aragon Association to coordinate the promotion of events and products with a focus in season 1 on supporting the Aragon App GtM strategy to assist where possible with AA Marketing campaigns and identify other tasks that can be delegated to team
  2. We are aligned with the ESD funding priority to 1) develop talent and competencies to support product growth and success 2) to develop a performance culture with our metrics-driven approach to growth performance 3) and see our work as supporting audience education to drive product awareness, understanding and engagement
  3. We will communicate weekly with DAO teams - ops/tech/community/learning teams - to ensure ongoing alignment and share plans/timelines, coordinate, adapt, and seek feedback on how to improve Growth outcomes

4. Limitations & Risks

What can go badly

  • Core contributors or bounty holders fail to meet time commitments, thus reducing the potential to achieve stated goals
  • Failure to resolve operational issues, such as getting admin tags for moderators, may reduce the team’s effectiveness
  • Growth targets prove overly optimistic
  • Moderators posting topics or poorly conceived responses that are received negatively by the community, negatively affect trust/confidence in AN DAO or Aragon in general.

Team Information

  • Fmurphy#8381 - Fintan is a finance and operations executive with 17 years of experience managing cross-functional teams. He co-founded and operated the first Autism Behaviour Clinic in Kuwait. He holds an MBA from Manchester Business school and is a certified Scrum Master. He completed a Telegram social media moderator bounty in season and will drive the efficiency, effectiveness, and development of the team S1 .
  • N8#1653 - Nate is a current social media manager for a local restaurant in Utah as well as a consultant to many other brands and their digital marketing tactics. He completed a Season 0 Reddit and Twitter bounty and will continue with the team into s1 moderating across Aragon social media channels, running competitions and surveys, and providing data collection and reporting support.
  • Phero#0347 - Phero is a publicist with over 4 years of experience in the NGO space and a strong Twitter following. He completed a telegram moderator bounty during s0, and will continue into s1 moderating across channels, raising awareness and increasing followers, and running surveys to engage with potential DAO builders
  • Sheldonis#3995 - Sheldon is a sales and marketing professional, currently working for IXO in their Comms team managing all social media channels and CRM duties. He completed a Reddit bounty in s0 and will continue with the team moderating across channels to increase follow numbers and will be aiding with the bi-weekly newsletter
  • El#0931 - Ellis has planned and executed content marketing strategies across Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram & EDMs. She will join the social mods rotation s1 to help raise awareness, increase followers and build shared knowledge. She will also be working on the communication and training document and helping with the newsletter
  • Kirstin#3235 - Kirstin works as a copywriter and social media manager for various brands and organisations. She has a degree in Brand Communications. She completed a Twitter moderator bounty during s0 and will continue with the team into s1 moderating across channels, providing support in the creation of the newsletter and Communications document, as well as supporting the content bounties task
  • LucasLimaLisbon#1379 - Lucas created and delivered the inaugural AN DAO weekly newsletter during season 0 and will join the team in s1. He will continue delivering community engagement content via weekly proposals and events reports, and a bi-weekly newsletter and will support community outreach via content bounties and surveys
  • Marta#5096 - Marta is a Web3 content and NFT creator and freelance journalist for UFOstart. She has a BSc in Business and Management. She joins the Growth team in s1 to help with content bounties and create the communications and training manual
  • aakansha#9163 - Aakansha has experience working as a Technical Copywriter, Sales Engineer and Social Media team organizer, and has contributed to a few DAOs to help grow their community. She joins the team in s1 to help with content and as a moderator.

Note that the above contributor roles have been agreed upon by the team, though these may change, depending on the needs of the team, as the season progresses.

Funding Information

The growth team seeks funding for the following:

  • Core Contributor(s): First POC within the squad, a bounty holder who has demonstrated high performance.
  • Growth Bounties: A pre-defined allocation towards currently undefined bounties that will allow ops to be nimble and attract talent or fund action that supports effective operations of the AN DAO.
  • Coordinape Pool: A rewards pool to be allocated via Coordinape in recognition of individual efforts that help the team and its members achieve stated goals

We request $51,000 for season 1 paid monthly as per the prevailing finance guidance. See attached for detailed breakdown - Growth Proposal Financials

Purpose April May June July Totals
Core Contributors $11,500 $11,500 $11,500 $11,500 $46,000
Bounties $0 $1,500 $1,500 $1,500 $4,500
Coordinape $0 $1,500 $1,500 $1,500 $4,500
Totals $10,500 $13,500 $13,500 $13,500 $55,000

@fmurphy This proposal is the communicative scaffolding that the community needs right now. Also it generates cross-collaboration. One example is in our proposal Learning & Experimentation Squad - where we have one specific area to connect.

Develop marketing and communications talent and share our learning knowledge to support the growth of the Aragon network

The above goal from your proposal fits with our need for Maintain and evolve the Aragon Handbook - see here the Handbook we delivered on the 1st April.

While we are revamping the proposal, the Handbook maintenance stays as a pillar.

@mvrtvklnp we were in touch to explore this opportunity in March.

We would love to create the collaboration with the Growth Squad to hand over the content of an improved Handbook and setup the ongoing maintenance of this content.

We want to be happy to sync and discuss further if you are interested.

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Great proposal Growth team! I love the clarity already around S1 roles and responsibilities and your team development and learning, shared knowledge and documentation and training Wow you guys have got a solid plan. Excited for this team. I have only a couple of questions relating to deliverables

Can I clarify why this account was choosen as opposed to which is the the AN DAO identity that seriously needs work? cc @LucaVJ Can we remove the DAO account if it is never to be used?

  1. Who are we talking about here “potential developers” do you mean “intermediate builders” or is this a different audience?
  2. Plan is engage less than one “potential developer” a week? I see these builders everytime I check the intro channel
  3. Are you focused on finding them on the external socials channels, as that would be more challenging that finding in Discord
  4. Given the size of the team this target would be to engage less than two people each, season 1? Sorry I do not see that as engaging community

The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark. Michelangelo

Hi @Sixto5 , thanks for your comments. Would love to meet and discuss how we can collaborate. I will dm you on discord to arrange a time.

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Hi @lee007, thank you for your comments and support, we are all super excited to get cracking on our proposal plans, we have a very motivated team with a lot of potential.
With regards to targeting the @Aragonproject account as opposed to the @AragonDao, firstly, bounty holders did not have moderator access on either account, which has been a blocker across social media channels for s0, and s0 bounty holders had been asked to focus their efforts promoting the @AragonProject twitter account. We finally received our telegram tags this week which was great, and @AlexClay just informed me this evening that we will have access to the @AragonDao twitter and Reddit accounts, so great news. Given this, I will adjust the proposal accordingly so our focus is on @AragonDao.

In regards to the surveys and competitions:

  1. By potential developers we were referring to anyone who might be considering starting a DAO, or future potential builders who are just starting their learning journey. We intend on using surveys to learn more about what aspects of DAO’s interest our social media followers and what they want to learn about, as well as targeting those intermediate builders, to learn what they like and their pain points. Do you think these efforts would be better targeted solely at the intermediate builders for the coming season?
  2. The plan is to conduct 1 bi-weekly survey and 1 bi-weekly competition, rotating every other week, to connect with as many builders as possible.
  3. We plan on developing surveys targeting new/future builders on social channels to learn how we can encourage them to build on Aragon, and using Discord or reaching out to those intermediate builders who have already built DAOs to better understand their experiences, what worked for them and what could be improved.
  4. Sorry if the target read like engaging with only 12 developers, it referred to the targeted number of surveys and competitions we plan on running. We have not set any specific targets for engaging with DAO builders, but the team is highly motivated to engage with our social media followers, current and potential contributors and DAO builders. We will be learning and iterating as we go, and if there is more value to the DAO by focusing efforts on specific audiences, then that is what we will focus on.

Sharing Community opportunities within the new Aragon product - YouTube for the Aragon App GtM by @Harry. Pulling some timestamps that I see as especially relevant to this teams Social growth efforts

03:25 Aragon App - Easy Consolidated Modular
04:35 Brand Positioning
06:50 User Research: The “Intermediate Builder”
07:55 Value proposition
09:45 User Journey
11:20 GtM Objectives
11:56 “How to Make DAOs Easy”
13:50 Communications plan: Announcements
18:20 Immediate Needs (1) Services
21:49 Further ahead

Supporting the GtM for Aragon App is the leadingS1 strategic funding priority for ESD in terms of DAO alignment with AA so would highly recommend the team check this out for S1. It is only 23 minutes and packed with great guidance.


I think this is a pretty clear proposal that continues the good work this team has done. Some things I would make special note of as further context in support of the proposal:

  • This squad self organised and was the first group in operations to start coordinating across the different bounties
  • They are smart. As just one example their plan on rotating moderators creates a resilience in the squad… few DAOs/Guilds are doing this
  • The team has delivered some great results. Our telegram was a noisy mess of people shilling and ANT price conversations. This team have curated it into an informative and open discussion on tech, governance and Aragon news
  • The team has always tried to coordinate with core team members and make itself available to support others. Even within this proposal you can see the balance between their objectives and a desire to be ready to support core teams when key messaging is ready

I think with ESD’s guidance around metrics/deliverables this is the right team to take next steps on social media and connection with our audiences.


Hi Renee, thanks for sharing the youtube link. I attended the launch AMA but I don’t believe many others on the Growth team did, so I will share with them as there is a lot we can work with in promoting the Aragon App and educating our followers.

Thanks for all the support Ben, much appreciated. Excited to be work with you this season.

Hey, thanks for a great funding request!
The team has done great in S0 thorough the bounties and looking forward to the continued contributions.

Since @lee0007 has more domain expertise than myself and already dove in the detailed questions (already resulting in a more focused funding request) what’s left for me is to give my support for the funding request

cc @daniel-ospina

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This is a great proposal. I’d encourage you to apply to the Main DAO as relying on the ESD for ongoing funding of teams is not what the ESD was designed or is set up to do effectively. We have been too lenient in this respect in the past and the consequences of centralisation and overwork in some ESD members are showing. So please don’t take this personally. All the contrary, I think this is a worthwhile initative.

Happy to provide guidance on the necessary steps to get this submitted for the community’s approval.

ESD General Meeting 2 May 2022 UTC 1900: Confirming majority support for ESD S1 funding.

Current Statement on the limitations of ESD funding

These limitations were decided by the ESD in the previous season and included in the documentation that was open to significant discussion prior to posting in the forum and voting. It would seem unfair to change the standard only after people have committed time and energy to develop ESD proposals given that we have the budget to support these community efforts. This proposal falls within the current limitations, and we look forward to supporting Main DAO proposals in the future.

cc @fartunov @daniel-ospina


Hi ESD team, @lee0007 @daniel-ospina @fartunov , thank you so much for your support in approving this proposal. A special thank you to @lee0007 for your help and advice getting the proposal ready to be submitted. We look forward to the task ahead and are excited to share our achievements with the community. @daniel-ospina , thanks for your message and recommendations regarding applying to the Main DAO, I hope to work with you towards the end of S1 to get our next proposal ready to submit to the Main DAO.


Season 1 Reporting - April 2022

@daniel-ospina @lee0007 @fartunov


  • Moderated AN DAO Telegram and Reddit channels and promoted the Aragon Association Twitter channels
  • Increased media channel followers by:
    • Twitter 101.9k (1st April) to 103.1k (30th April)
    • Reddit 3,590 (1st April) to 3,702 (30th April)
    • Telegram 2,549 (1st April) to 2,643 (30th April)
  • Promoted AN DAO AMA events including Gravity DAO and Algorand, as well as new joiner calls
  • Held weekly meeting with moderators/contributors to align and coordinate topics of the week for promotion and discuss moderator best practices. All meeting agendas and minutes available here - Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
  • Coordinated with Ops guild and onboarding to coordinate s1 objectives

Please note this is only a partial request for approved funds, to compensate moderators who continued to their moderator duties while awaiting completion and approval of the Growth Proposal

Funding Request

  • Amount for core contributors ($3,000)
  • USDC 70%
  • ANT 30%
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1/3 Approved cc @Ricktik6

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Thank you!
2/3 apprived

3/3 :slight_smile:

Season 1 Reporting - May 2022

@daniel-ospina @lee0007 @fartunov


  • Moderated AN DAO Telegram, Reddit and Twitter channels and promoted the Aragon Association Twitter channel
  • Increased media channel followers by:
  • Published 3 weekly newsletters
  • First draft of Growth Team Communications Document completed -
  • Conducted 2 surveys. Insufficient respondents to gain any value from these, team is in the process of adjusting our approach to improve results of future surveys
  • Promoted AN DAO AMA events, new joiner calls, Self-care with Fabs and Gravity training
  • Completed 3 content bounties, 2 articles have been received and are to be posted on the Aragon Blog, shared on social media channels and discord learning library
  • Held weekly meeting with moderators/contributors to align and coordinate topics of the week for promotion and discuss moderator best practices. All meeting agendas and minutes available here -
  • Coordinated with AN DAO Ops guild, onboarding, finance and dtech
  • Contacts made with AA Comms team, all have attended Growth Team meetings and we expect to increase cooperation as they complete their strategic planning
  • Contributor change, Marta#5096 will be leaving the team from today, and will be replaced with a new contributor, ST9#8598, who joins the team with 10 years marketing agency experience.

Funding Request Total ($14,250)

  • Amount for core contributors ($11,500)
  • Coordinape Circle ($1,950)
  • Bounties ($800)
  • USDC 90%
  • ANT 10%

Coordinape Circle Breakdown -

Great work growth team! Excited to see this team evolve the strategic alignment with AA and have new team members join. I understand the reporting on quantitative deliverables and routine.

Can you report please the status of the following Impact deliverables as I can not identify these in the report

  • Efficient Team: Establish a monthly posting calendar by the 1st of each month to guide routine activity
  • Team Development: Monthly rotation of social moderators

Can you link surveys (2) and to a few (3) different examples of how these are shared/promoted.

Well constructed surveys can deliver significant insight. I wonder if engagement may improve by reducing the frequency of new surveys and extending the timeline to promote and capture responses (one per month)

And while I recognise the proposal for surveys was intented to “better connect with potential developers” is this the right approach for DAO devs? How do we know if we are reaching the target audience?

Given clear need for growth and performance insight across multiple guilds can i ask growth to coordinate with the data insights crew cc @Fabs to in the develoment of surveys/questions that support their data collection needs

Hi @lee0007,

Thank you for your feedback and encouragement. Regarding the two deliverables you asked about:

Here are the links to the 2 surveys completed to date (the first one you had already commented)

Both were sent out as part of the newsletter, as well as being posted separately on Twitter, Reddit and Telegram. One issue may have been that these have often been posted along with a number of other posts (reducing visibility), and not frequently enough. Posting them for longer time periods as you suggested could help, as will data insights so we can measure what is working and what’s not, which has been lacking to date.

I agree with a clear need for performance insights and @fabs and I have already been discussing how to start getting access to data. Our first step will be getting the newsletter posted on the Aragon website, we can send the links out on media channels and on discord as we have been doing, but will give us viewing data. I am also meeting with Jessica from AA Comms tomorrow to plan closer alignment between Growth and Comms as they prepare to join the DAO. She has been working on Communications Strategy, which should give some additional guidance in reaching our target audience.

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